Today we are writing this post about the Gemstones and their benefits as we have already posted about the gemstone names and the planets and why one should wear the gemstone in our last post. This post will give you an information about the each gemstone benefits in overall aspects also as we mentioned in our last post about upratna or substitute stones of the each gemstone that information also included. Before we start with the gemstone benefits do keep this below information in mind which is very important and very few may be know this. 

How to choose Gemstones

Stones Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight is the major factor to consider while choosing any gemstone. All the gemstone should be free from any type of cracks or breaks, spots or unnecessary lines on the gemstones. All the stones should be clear, spotless and appears to be natural as well as non- heated or non- treated for the purpose of improving planetary effects. One can choose the certified stones after the evaluation of the all the above things.

Who can wear the Gemstone

Any person can wear gemstone depending upon the planetary position, requirement of wearing the particular gemstone with the guidance of any good astrologer/experts. The Gemstone can be suggested during Mahadasha, Sub-Periods or Particular time periods.

How to identify the Gemstone Effects

Whenever you wear any stone it will give you good or bad effects immediate or delayed depends on the planetary position. If you feel something weird or strange in your life after wearing any gemstone then you can immediately remove the stone and take an advice or suggestions from any good astrologer. Also, it is very important that when you wear any stone you should have faith in whatever you do and wear. Always wear the stone during an auspicious or suggested time. One must also perform the worship/Puja for the respective gemstone lords with mantra to get the positive effects of stones and blessing of the respective planets lords. If you do so, you will be definitely benefited in your life by wearing any gemstone.

Ruby (Manik)

Ruby is the gemstone of the planet Sun, and so ruby has the similar attributes of the Sun. The sun is the King of the planets and wearing the ruby will definitely increase the power, status, wealth of the wearer. Ruby from Burma or also known as Burmese rubies are best. It is a hot or warm stone. Ruby cures the disease like Ulcer, Rheumatism & Gout. Ruby will provide the results as per the planetary position of the wearer it can be good or bad. Ruby or Manik can be worn with the gold or copper, for the best results. Ruby’s substitute stone are Red garnet and Spinel.

The Pearl (Moti)

The moon is the planet for the pearl or Moti. Basra Moti is famous and known to be very effective. Basra is the place also known as Al basra in Iraq, and it is known to be a famous for Basra Moti, Basra Moti is heavy in weight. Moti/Pearl enhances the power of the moon, which makes the wearer cool, calm and stable. Pearl should be worn as it reduces the stress and strengthen the mind. This is most suitable stones for the girls, women as they are very sensitive which cause them to be common victim of depression & mental worries. It also helps to control the emotions and increase the patience level of the wearer. Pearl cures insomnia, depression, mood swings & blood pressure etc. Monday is the best day to wear the pearl. You can wear with a silver ring on the little finger. Substitute stone for Moti are blue, white moonstone.

Red Coral (Moonga)

Red coral or Moonga is the stone for the Mars or Mangal. Italy red coral are known to be the best. This stone brings happiness, health, confidence and luck to the wearer. Red coral gives strong will power as well as ability to face the challenges. It helps to make the marital relations cordial. Red coral helps to cure heart and blood related disease. Red coral saves the wearer from accidents, surgeries. Moonga should wear in Gold or Copper ring in the ring finger. Red corals should be worn on Tuesday in Shukla Paksha. Carnelian and Red agate are the substitute stone of Coral.

Emerald (Panna)

Emerald or Panna is the gemstone of the planet Mercury. Columbian Panna are the best. Emerald should be worn after correct knowledge only as if it won’t suit the wearer then he may meet the miseries. Emerald gives ability to communicate, intelligent mind and a strong memory. Emerald also helps to cure poor memory, problems to communicate or unnecessary fear. Emerald should be worn on Wednesday in Gold ring on the right hand little finger. Peridot is the substitute stone of Panna.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone of the Jupiter also known as Brihaspati or Guru. Srilanka’s yellow sapphires are considered to be best as this place is famous for Yellow Sapphire. Normally Yellow sapphire is the most expensive gemstone and mostly we see there are many famous and powerful personalities like a politicians, businessmen wear this stone as it gives very good effects if it really suits to the person who has worn it. Yellow Sapphire makes a person happy, fortunate, famous and healthy. Yellow Sapphire should be in yellow color and it should not be white this is the main caution, one needs to be kept in mind while purchasing this stone. Pukhraj cure disease like asthma, jaundice, arthritis.  This gemstone should wear in Gold on the Thursday morning after the sunrise in Shukla Paksha for the best result. You can wear Pukhraj ring on the Right hand index finger or can wear in gold locket. Pukhraj also helpful when a person is not getting the suitable partner or due to any reason marriage is not taking place. Topaz and Heliodor are the substitute stones of Yellow sapphire and its less expensive than the Yellow Sapphire.

Diamond (Heera)

Diamond or Heera is the precious stone of the planet Venus. Surat is the famous place for Heera and the diamond of Surat is considered to be the best. It gives name, fame, luxury and wealth to the wearer. Diamond is also helpful to make marital life smooth. Diamond is the best for the actors, dancer, musicians and all those who do the business related to the Venus. Diamond helps to cure skin disease, diabetes. Heera should be worn with the gold for best result. It should be worn on the Friday. Zircon,Opal and white sapphire are the substitute of Diamond stone. They are less expensive as compared to diamond, but provide the decent results.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Blue Sapphire or Neelam is the precious stone of the planet Saturn. Jammu and Kashmir are the place for the Original Blue sapphire or Neelam. Jammu’s blue sapphires are best and it produces good health, fortune, success & reputation to the wearer. This gemstone gives negative or positive effects immediately to the person so one has to be very careful while wearing it. Blue sapphire cure depression/mental health, stomach and kidney related issues. Blue sapphire should be worn in gold or ashtadhatu (Combination of eight metals) in the middle finger of the right hand. Ioite or Neeli and amethyst are the substitute stone for Blue sapphire and its less expensive than the original Blue Sapphire.

Hessonite (Gomed)

Hessonite or Gomed is the stone of Rahu, Hessonite is brown color stone and it should wear if one has the good placement of Rahu and only after having the correct advice from any good astrologer. Ceylon in Srilanka is the famous for Gomed. It will give the success in all undertakings as well as victory over the enemies. Hessonite helps to reduce and eliminate the health issues like mental disorders, insomnia, skin and eyesight related issues, high fevers. If this stone does not suit person then he may meet accidents miseries in his life. One should wear Ceylon Gomed for best results. Lapis Lazuli and orange zircon are the substitute stone of Hessonite.

Cats Eye (Lehsunia)

Cats Eye or Lehsunia is the stone of Ketu and this stone exactly look like a cat eye and therefore it is known as cats eye. This stone has dual shades within it. Kanak Khet Lehsunia are best. This stone should be clear and there should not be any patches or spots on it. Cat’s eye reduces the mental worries, depressions, urinary troubles, spine chord and backache, joints pains. Cat’s eye should wear mostly in the Ketu Mahadasha to reduce the bad effects and avoid unfortunate situations. This should be also wear only after getting the correct guidance from any good astrologer/expert to avoid any distressful events. Cat’s eye helps to avoid accidents, miseries and sad events due to the malefic/bad placement of the Ketu. Cat’s eye can be worn in gold studded ring in the right ring finger or it can be wear in a locket around the neck. Cat’s eye quartz and tourmaline are the substitute stones of cat’s eye.

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