Ketu represents FLAG, Materialistic happiness, Son, Dog, Nephew, Rabbit, black & white blanket, Lizard, Tamarind (Imli), cot/bed etc. Venus, Rahu are friends, Mars , Moon are enemies to Ketu. If Ketu well placed in horoscope such native receives all types of material happiness.  Due to bad placement of Ketu one can also face financial problems, delay in progeny or unable to conceive, urinary problems etc.

If Ketu is not well placed or giving bad impact then such person should not discuss his own problems with others to take away the bad effects of Ketu. If a person keeps doing that he shall receive more trouble in his life. Many times we have seen that parents are not staying along with their son due to any reason like son settled in abroad, troubled relations where the son don’t allow parents to stay with him, in such cases parents become more upset and blame their son.

Ketu also represents son hence people are not happy with their son, or have troubled relationship with their son they should perform the remedies for KETU as this is the only thing can lessen their trouble. Blaming the son will not help at all. One can also perform remedies for JUPITER for more favorable results as both (KETU & JUPITER) represents progeny.  health issues Moon remedies should be performed.

Ketu also represents forefathers thus performing shraddh, Tarpan  can definitely help to reduce the trouble of Ketu. According to LALKITAB,  if Ketu placed in the 4th house and giving bad effects, then native’s mother shall remain unhappy, faces health issues (like diabetes, sugar), problems with progeny etc. In this case native should perform the remedies of Jupiter. One can also experience the same trouble during the period of KETU MAHADASHA.

To avoid bad effects of KETU perform the below remedies.

  • Worship Lord Ganesha every day.
  • Donate 3 bananas 43 consecutive days to any temple. (Religious place according to one’s religion)
  • Put saffron (Kesar) Tilak on forehead.
  • Feed and serve black dog or any street dogs with milk every day.
  • Wear gold earrings.
  • Donate Black & white blanket in temple.
  • Never make false promises to anyone to avoid family & health issues.

We have given these remedies, if anyone who feels they are going through the same problems. These remedies can help you to improve the situation, but still we advise always do the remedies on the based on personalized horoscope to get more favorable results. In LALKITAB, very effective remedies are given based on the planetary positions.

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