LALKITAB remedies are effective in all aspects whether it is health or any other major events. We have already been posted simple and effective remedies in our past LALKITAB articles. Nowadays everyone is busy in life and become less cautious about their health so Today I bring this post of Lalkitab remedies and PREVENTION based on LALKITAB ASTROLOGY.

As we all know “Prevention is better than cure.” Let us try to understand why and which planets and houses are responsible for any type of disease or health outcomes.

The disease can be analyzed with the help of Planets placed in 3-9-5 houses of the chart. In LALKITAB maximum things have been analyzed and predicted based on the yearly chart as it is most important to recognize when an event will occur whether it’s good or bad, whether it’s related profit/loss or about health. The yearly chart helps to predict all these events.

According to Varshphal, if mercury, Venus or any enemy planet placed along with the sun or moon in 1st, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th house according to birth chart then it increases the possibilities of any type of disease or health outcomes. Vaastu also responsible for health but that I will write in some other post.

Planetary positions for health issues.

  • If Jupiter placed in the 2nd house of the birth chart and Saturn placed in the 2nd house on the yearly chart (Varshphal) then the native may face health issues.
  • Enemy planets of Jupiter, Ketu, Sun placed in ascendant then also native may face health problems.
  • If Sun, Jupiter placed in the ascendant and enemy planets of the Sun, Jupiter and Ketu are placed in 5th house, native health shall affect.

LALKITAB Remedies for Health Prevention and Disease.

  • Feed crows and dogs with sweet loaves (Roti) every month. (Number of Rotis should be more than family members and guests comes to your house)
  • Ripe Sugar/custard apple (Sitaphal) should be offered in a temple twice in a year. (One can offer it in any religious place according to his religion.
  • Joints pain, Sugar, back bone related issues, serve and feed black dogs.
  • Whenever one pass through or near the cremation ground put a coin inside it. (Copper coin, if not possible you can drop 1-2 Rs coin)
  • Keep 2 Rs at the bed head where the patient sleeps and give it next day to the sweeper.
  • For High Blood pressure keeps water at the bed head for overnight next day water to plant early morning.
  • Ear related problems take black & white sesame (Til) and tie it in black & white cloth then bury it in forest or deserted place.
  • For Eyes related trouble flow 4 dry coconuts in river on Saturday.
  • For high fever, offer gur (jaggery) and Jau (barley) at 5 pm(Evening) in temple for consecutive 3 days.

These remedies are also helpful for diseases which are unable to cure from long time.

Remedies for HEALTH PREVENTIONS no(1),(2),(3),(4)  respectively.

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