Remedies for Restlessness/Fear/Depression

  • Take 11 red/white gunja and touch to a banyan tree then tie in yellow cloth and always keep with you.
  • Read Hanuman Chalisa everyday.

Remedies For prosperity

  • Take 7 pinches of sindoor(Vermilion) , 7 Supari (betel nut) , 1 coconut and offer it to Lord Ganesha temple, after arriving at home light up lamp with ghee and chant “Om Gan Ganpataye Namah” mantra 11 times.
  • Keep haldi, pipal ki jad(bodhi/fig tree root) in safe to attract money.
  • Take 7 Kaudi, Kesar tilak with sindoor and keep it in safe on Friday or Tuesday.
  • Keep 11 white fragrant flowers at crossroad near your house.
  • Feed cow, crow and Dog everyday.

Remedies for Success

Take the 7 whole Namak(Salt) and keep 7 steps ahead then backward 7 steps and put salt 1-1 as you step back in another direction. (Do not put salt in your own way direction)

On Friday light up the Panch Mukhi ghee lamp before Lord Ganesha & Maa Lakshmi and sprinkle scent on your cloth before leaving home.

Take 1 peepal leaf (fig) and write “OM”with sindoor (vermillion), put some akshat (Unbroken rice grain smeared with vermillion) on it, keep this in any temple and pray.

To grow business- take 100 gm peeli sarso (yellow mustard seeds) &108  kamal gatta (Lotus seed) and tie it in yellow cloth on Thursday, keep this in your office at North-East direction.

Remedies to get the job 

1.Every Thursday mix cow milk in water and pour in holy tulsi(basil) plant.

2.On Tuesday morning take 9 laung (cloves), put it in sarso oil (Mustard) and keep this at the foot of Lord Hanuman, offer Gur (Jaggery) & Chana(Gram) and pray.

3.Donate/plant a banana tree with yellow thread in temple on Thursday.

4.Offer water everyday in the early morning to Lord Sun, in the copper utensils with 28 lal mirch beej (red chillie seeds), kumkum(vermillion) , red flower and chant Gayatri Mantra 11 times.

5. On a Tuesday light up the lamp with sesame oil and offer gur and chana dal to bajarngbali.

To save Money- sprinkle some gulal on both sides of the main door and light two ghee lamps on it and pray.Next day float both lamps in water.

Please note – All upay (Remedies) to be performed or start in any shukla paksha to achieve the faster results.

You can add the remedies to your daily routine which will give you more effective and long-lasting results.


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