Sun is the king of all the planets. Sun is known as Surya in Vedic astrology. Everyone knows that SUN is a very important planet as sun balance nature and life on earth with his power and energy. Sun represents the soul, the self, self respect and ego of an individual. Sun also represents uniqueness and power of the person to handle any situation in his/her daily or throughout life. Sun gives ability to overcome challenges. The Sun represents LORD VISHNU. Copper, Wheat, Jaggery, Bajra (millet), Monkey, Father, Government, govt. Officers, etc. Saturn, Rahu, Venus  & Ketu are enemies of the sun, whereas Mars, Jupiter and the moon are friends.

During the conjunction of sun with Venus, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu can give trouble to native and conjunction with Mars, Jupiter and the moon give beneficial results. Sun is afflicted in any birth chart, but the sun gets support from Mars, Jupiter or the moon (friendly planets of the sun), then the sun will provide positive results and malefic effects of the sun may be less. If the sun is not well placed in the birth chart, then the native may have a troubled relationship with father, face losses through government, unable to get a job in the government sector etc.

At the same time if parents feel that they do not have good relations with their children, then they must need to perform remedies for KETU for more information on this you can read our post on Ketu and astrology.

Sun plays an important role in all over life as it is the planet of fortune, good health, name, fame and overall happiness too. Sun also represents forefathers and performing shraddh can help to remove the malefic effects. There are many other combinations to find the pitra dosh in birth chart. Remedies are given for each type of pitra dosh in LALKITAB you can read here.

Placement of Sun and Remedies in LALKITAB

  • If the sun placed in an ascendant, then the native may face health issues.
  • If the sun placed in the Second or the Seventh house, then this will bring trouble for women in the house.
  • If the sun placed in 8th house, then native can face losses in business and financial activity.
  • If sun placed in 10th house then it will bring a troubled relationship with the father. After having good financial background still native may not receive part of his father’s property /income. Or he may not receive any help from his father.
  • If sun placed in the 11th house, then native will earn money through multiple sources, but he should not consume alcohol, meat, egg/non veg etc. The tenth and eleventh house belong to Saturn. If the sun is not well placed then native will face losses through all the things related to Sun. To remove this malefic effect native should perform the remedy for Sun. This will improve the position of the Sun and native will no longer receive malefic effects of the sun.

There are so many remedies in LALKITAB, but the simple remedy for all without receiving any bad effects (those are not having any specific remedy based on their birth chart) Lord Vishnu represents the sun, so read/listen Harivansh Puran. This will increase the strength of the sun and will provide a positive effect in your life.

  • If the sun is placed in the 7th house, then, according to LALKITAB this is not a good position of the Sun. A seventh house represents LIBRA and the sun is debilitated in Libra hence Sun will not produce good results when placed in this sign. In that case, native should perform the below remedies.
  • Sprinkle some milk on the stove to stifle burning flames every night. According to LALKITAB, the sun (Fire) will receive help from his friend which is the moon (milk) and the moon is the enemy of Mercury and the Venus.
  • If sun placed in 8th house, native eyesight may be affected, face losses in business to improve it, Donate the things related to the sun for consecutive 8 days at any temple.
  • If sun placed in the 10th house, then native should flow copper coin in a river for 43 consecutive days.
  • If sun placed in the 12th house, then feed the monkeys with jaggery.
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