Jupiter is known as Brihspati or Guru in Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is the teacher of gods. Jupiter is also recognized as a teacher of Astronomy and ancient science.  Lord Brahma represents Jupiter. Jupiter rules higher education, knowledge, intellectual as well as Spiritual learning. Jupiter also rules over astronomy and philosophy. Finding answers for each question is also ruled by Jupiter only. Jupiter represents the Father, Grand Father, Teachers, Priest, Meditation, Peepal tree (Ficus religiosa or also known as Bodhi tree), Spirituality, Yellow colour, Gold, Gram, Saffron, Turmeric, Yellow Safire, topaz etc. 

Jupiter placed in good position can make a person religious, honest and knowledgeable.  Such native has a natural ability to learn and gain knowledge, whether it is spiritual or intellectual. Such people are placed in higher positions; they can earn money with the help of their knowledge. Jupiter is the natural benefic planet and rules 2, 5, 9,11th house respectively. Being natural benefic planet Jupiter signifies luck, fortune, wealth, health, progeny along with name, fame and success.

According to LALKITAB, if Jupiter not well placed in the birth chart or yearly chart, then native may face troubled relationship with his father. Also things related to Jupiter will not give good results. Native luck may be damaged. After doing so much hard work he will not be able to enjoy the fruit of his work.

Jupiter positions and Remedies in LALKITAB.

According to LALKITAB, if Jupiter placed in an ascendant and native receive bad effects, then the native may have insulted his forefathers, father or Priest in his past life. Due to which he shall receive bad effects of Jupiter. In the similar way, if a native cut peeple tree, then also he will receive negative results. In lalkitab we can find the reason and remedies in such cases where, 2, 5, 9, 11,12th houses need to be analysed carefully. Mercury (Budh) or Venus (shukra) enemy planets of Jupiter are placed in these houses gives more trouble.

  • If Jupiter placed in the 2nd house, then the native may face losses in business related to Jupiter, and Venus related business shall give good results.
  • If Jupiter placed in 6th house and native face financial losses, then native should donate saffron, yellow flower or gram to the old priest (Brahmin) in any temple. The native may donate the things at any religious place according to his religion.
  • If native getting problems related to progeny or conceiving due to bad placement of Jupiter, then he can worship Lord Vishnu.
  • If Jupiter placed in 8th house and native face problems due to any woman, he should follow some remedies regarding Venus.
  • If Jupiter placed in the 10th house and giving bad effects, then sun and moon related things should flow in the river to get the positive effects of Jupiter.
  •  According to LALKITAB, 4th house aspect 10th house, if sun and the moon are placed in the 4th house, then Jupiter will get assistance from his friends (Sun, Moon) and this will remove malefic effect of Jupiter.
  • If Jupiter placed in the 12th house and native wear mala around his neck, then Jupiter will give bad effects as Mercury (Budh) is inimical towards Jupiter. Because neck and mala both represents mercury.

Jupiter placements also help to understand the native past life karmas and present life benefit which he is going to receive. Marital life of a woman influenced by Jupiter. Delay in marriage, progeny can happen due to malefic effects of Jupiter. Long Distance travel proves beneficial for the people those are having good placement of Jupiter. According to Lalkitab every planet has some good and bad effects on other planets, like if Jupiter is not well placed in horoscope then the native may face trouble in Ketu related things.

For E.G. If Jupiter placed in the 5th house and Ketu placed in any house then during Jupiter Mahadasha native shall face trouble related to Ketu. He may face trouble regarding his progeny as 5th house represents progeny.

Above remedies are given to understand the effect of planet and the remedial measure importance in LALKITAB. Always perform the remedies only after analyzing personalized horoscope as single remedy can give good or bad effect depending on an individual horoscope.

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