We are researching from long time in the field of share market to provide more accurate stock predictions. We are providing the predictions for stock market trend but still we advice to all our members and visitors who intend to use our services, you can earn in the share market with the help of our stock predictions but if you go with both technical and astrological you will earn more.

Only technical won’t work in stock as it required astrological help to identify many areas such as particular segments for trading, stocks selections, commodity selection and most important trend for any market. If you practice technical and astrological both wisely then you will definitely benefit from it.

Share Market research based on astrology given us a tremendous opportunity to learn more and analyze with deep research in such a vast subject.  Astrology never fails to provide the correct results if one practice and able to understand and apply it in the correct manner.

We found Stock predictions is a complicated equation but withLalkitab Predictive analysis we have been able to provide the Stock Market, Commodity and Currency predictions.

Stock predictions are useful for day traders and people are involved in share trading. Few People are fond of trading activities and earn through their own instinct and stock selections, but many fail to gain from stock as it is not easy to make money in the stock market.

Those are earning from their own instinct definitely have strong luck as luck plays an important role in all types of quick gain, short time money or betting activities. Those failing to earn money in stock first they should consult with some good astrologer to know whether the business is suitable for them or not? And after that only start investing in stocks to avoid heavy losses and debts.

When you buy stocks or trade your own in that case Rahu/Mercury/Saturn/Jupiter plays a significant role.

Rahu – Risk, Mercury – Right & quick decision, Saturn- your gain (Profit or Loss), Jupiter -Lottery, quick gain

Those are having good placement of these planets are having chances to earn through stock. But those are having any bad placement or weak placement of these or any planets related to earning according to individual horoscope may face problems in such activities. People having good placement of Jupiter can make predictions, but can’t gain through it.

People with good placement for Saturn have good vision so they should always invest for long term as it will prove beneficial for them. Those people are earning their own can earn more and who are unable to make a profit can benefit through our predictions as it will help you to give an idea about the stock market trend.

We will advise you to always go with technical and astrological to get more correct results .Stock predictions will definitely help you to gain through stock market.

Stock Market Trend Day Report – 5500/- 

Nifty Trend Day Report – 7500/-

  • DISCLAIMER : It is solely your responsibility while making any investment decisions or trading activity based on the above stock predictions.
  • Our stock predictions are purely based on astrology and we won’t assure you for any type of loss or gain.
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