Venus is the planet of love and marital happiness along with that it also represents cow, Land, opposite sex.Venus is known as “Shukra” in Astrology. Venus is the lord of seventh house and the Goddess Lakshmi is the deity of Venus. A seventh house represents marriage and married life. 2nd house represents a family or in laws. Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are the friends of Venus. Sun, Moon, Rahu are the enemies.

If Venus placed well in birth chart then  such native has good marital life. A Person has weak or afflicted Venus  indulge in extra-marital affairs, face losses in business, due to the opposite sex. Venus also represents finance, money thus if Venus afflicted, such native will not have good financial status. He may struggle for earning.


If Venus not well placed then native marriage will be delayed or marriage will not be long lasting. Native has a good position of Venus get married in early years or before 25 years. Also after marriage native’s luck will favor, if Venus placed well in the horoscope. Those are having a bad placement of Venus must respect women’s and also should take good care of their spouse to remove the evil effect of Venus. People those disrespect their spouse can receive bad effects of venus (things represented by venus)

According to LALKITAB the best remedy to please the Venus is,  Serve black cows and avoid serving white cows to get a positive effect. If Venus placed with the Moon, then differences will occur in relations with mother-in- law and daughter- in- law. If Venus and moon placed oppositely then eyesight of native’s mother will be affected. Native should serve cow. If Venus placed badly in horoscope then native should worship goddess Lakshmi to remove the negative effects of Venus.

Apart from this, accepting and donating particular gift  can also affect Venus positionLike if Venus placed well in the seventh house and such native donate the scent of flowers to anyone. Then his venus will lose power and native will experience the bad effects of venus. Similarly, if Venus is placed in the seventh house, then such native should not invest, build or start any business with his in laws to avoid losses. According to LALKITAB, If Venus placed in the 9th house, then such native should never stay along with his Mother in law, Father in law, sister in law, aunty to avoid bad effects. Native has good position of Venus  may receive bliss, money, luxury, name during the mahadasha of Venus. He will be lucky during the period of Mahadasha. Native will lead an aristocratic life style during the Venus Mahadasha.

On the contrary, if Venus is not well placed then native will face losses, miseries, health issues and debts in the period of Venus. If native is married, then his spouse will also experience positive or negative effects during the Mahadasha.

Remedies for VENUS-

  • Serve black cow every day.
  • Respect and take good care of your spouse.
  • Feed green grass to cow.
  • Visiting pilgrimages during the Venus Mahadasha will give more happiness and positive results in life.

We will give more remedies in our upcoming post on Venus Mahadasha.

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