Rahu plays an important role in short term gain as well as so many other things are also ruled by this planet in our lives. So today we bring this post to let you know about importance of Rahu and Lalkitab astrology.

Goddess Saraswati is the deity of Rahu. Rahu represents elephant, Lead, Enemy, Prison, Electricity, Mischief, grief, Electronic objects, danger, fear and quarrels. If Rahu placed well in horoscope then such people have positive thinking with great thought process. A person will also use his wits to get ahead in life. Rahu gives courage and make a person bold. If Rahu helped a person then this help will be for life long. Rahu can save a person from all the suffering of his life including financial troubles. If Mars is well placed in horoscope then Rahu mostly provides benefic results. During the conjunction of the Sun-Venus, Rahu gives unfavorable results for financial, marital/family issues and also in court related matters. According to Lalkitab, the Sun, Saturn together provide the results of debilitated Rahu. In this case, Sun , Saturn, Rahu, Mars gives unfavorable results. If Rahu is not well placed in horoscope such native should not reside in the south facing house to avoid financial problems, losses.

Rahu also gives health issues like obesity, fever, mental stress, depression. For high fever, donate Red Lentils (Masoor dal) or flow it in a river. Jupiter placed in the second house, then gold, land, marital (wife) related problems can be seen because the 2nd house represented by the moon, Venus, Jupiter. Rahu is inimical towards these planets thus Rahu gives unfavorable results for the things represented by these planets. According to Lalkitab gold is related to Jupiter, Venus represents land hence Rahu can harm the things related to Jupiter and the Venus (in-laws place) This is the reason normally people are suggested to not make any partnership business along with their in-laws.

If Rahu  placed in the 7th house, then such person will not have a good marital life or marital life will be destroyed due to the divorce. 7th house represented by Mercury and Venus. Rahu is the enemy of both the planets. If a person is having similar position he should never make partnership along with his in-laws to avoid trouble. Similarly, Rahu placed in 8th house gives an unfavorable result, such native faces losses, unexpected trouble, quarrels  etc. In this case native should flow 800 gram lead coins in the river to get rid of the negative effect of Rahu.

We have provided the remedies in this post to make you understand how the remedies can help a person to eliminate malefic effects of the planets.
Remedies should be only perform after having the correct knowledge of the horoscope as a wrong remedy can give adverse effect.

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