As I provide Saturn nature in last post now in this article I am providing more details on saturn related business and Lalkitab remedies based on birth chart placement of Saturn.

If a person has a weak position of Saturn in birth chart then such person should choose a job rather than the business. If a person having good Saturn placement, he can choose any business or a business related to Saturn, such persons have ability to deal with all problems, they have good vision, strong analytical approach with the risk taking ability which make them a successful businessman.

Saturn Placement in Horoscope.

If Saturn is placed in the ascendant with debilitated sign in the birth chart, native shall face losses in business. He should compress black collyrium(Kala surma) into solitary places. Scientific reason behind this remedy, Saturn will get placed in the exalted 7th house which will give positive effect of Saturn according to LALKITAB.

If Saturn placed in second house such native’s father in law and himself does the business related to Saturn then his father in law shall face heavy losses in business or even his business will come to an end.

If a person does the iron or machinery business related to Saturn, he should not find matches for her daughter in the same line of business. If Saturn is placed in second house then native’s son-in law should give milk to snakes. This remedy will improve the business related to Saturn.

If Saturn placed in Sixth house, native shall face problems like health issues, loss in business. He should not buy new shoes. According to LALKITAB leather is also related to Saturn hence if native keep it with himself then Saturn becomes strong and he shall get more trouble. Instead native should gift new shoes to any person to get positive effects.

Saturn can be pleased with the help of Mercury as Ketu and mercury represents the Sixth house. Both the planets are inimical to each other. Saturn is a friend of both of them thus if Saturn will be favorable then both will favor.To get favorable results one should give almonds to small girls.

Along with Saturn other planets also plays an important role while finalizing business/job that information I will write in another post in some time.

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