Mercury is recognized as the messenger of the gods or BUDH in astrology. Mercury represents green color, veins, yellow kaudi, moong bean (hari moong) small girls, sister, sister-in-law, friends, parrot, green plants, Tulsi, communication and expressions of the person. Goddess Durga is the deity of Mercury. Budh is also known as business planet, astrology, research, lottery, speculation, etc. is the fields represented by the mercury. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini & Virgo signs. Sun, Venus and Rahu are the friend of the mercury, whereas the Moon is an enemy. Below You can find the mercury and lalkitab remedies also the planetary position of budh in different houses.

Mercury placed in 3-8-9-12 houses, is not considered well according to LALKITAB. If mercury not well placed then native will have inadequate income and will face problem due to his own communication & weak strategies in any line of work. Native sister shall suffer in her life or native will also suffer due to her. Native should also be careful while investing money in the speculation, share market etc. or should completely avoid it. The native may face sudden and heavy losses in business due to weak placement or bad effect of the mercury.

If mercury not well placed then native will have poor communication and he/she may sound arrogant, rude or harsh in their words. Such native will also become damaged due to their own words and face many problems in their life. If mercury not well placed then native will also suffer due to his/her friends or they will get screwed by their friends. Well placed mercury gives good communication with great sense to react in situations, debate. Such people receive great sales, marketing ability and usually they win in their motive and get the task done.

If mercury placed well then the native will be gained through his acquaintances and invariably will be helped whenever needed. Mercury placed with strong planet becomes strong and if placed with weak planet become weaker. In this case native should read Durga saptshati. Native shall settle only after 32- 34 years. Native’s income will get half. He may suffer heavy losses/debts in his/her 32nd year. Mercury gives mental worries and sudden losses in business.

Few Important positions of Mercury and Lalkitab Remedies.

  • If mercury is giving really bad effect, then nose piercing will eliminate the bad effects of mercury.
  • If mercury placed in 6th house, then such native should not cause harm to others. Also, if native says something, then his words will bring good or bad effect on others.
  • If mercury placed in the 4th house and giving bad effect along with venus, then such native should fill a pot of milk and should bury in deserted place.
  • If mercury placed in 8th house, then native will lie, suffer with health matters and financial losses. Native should fill a pot with Desi khand (Sugar) and should bury it in deserted places
  • Donate goat to remove bad effect of mercury.
  • Read Durga Chalisa or Durga sapthshati everyday.
  • Avoid wearing green dress.
  • Don’t lie and attempt to harm others.
  • Feed small girls.
  • Offer sweet to your sister, sister-in-law.
  • Clean teeth with alum powder (phitkari) every day.


Remedies should be only performed with correct knowledge of planetary positions as simple remedy can give adverse effect. All LALKITAB remedies are very simple and effective but only if performed in correct manner.


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