Business Astrology


Business Astrology

Business astrology can be use to analyze the patterns of activity in a business. It is a tool to be used for forecasting potential business cycles as well as for interpreting trends and developments in a business’s operations. We may look at the position of planets and other influences in the astrological chart to give an insight into the dynamics at work within a business. We might also consider the influences of transits of the planets when determining what is likely to occur within the short or long-term. Business astrology can help business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors make more informed decisions and help them anticipate potential issues or opportunities that may arise in the future.

Business astrology for Entrepreneurs

Business astrology is a type of astrological analysis designed to provide insight into business environments, organizational development, and the performance of businesses. It is used by entrepreneurs to gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, identify potential opportunities, and plan ahead to anticipate and manage changes.

By understanding the astrological influences in the company or entrepreneur’s personal life, they can make informed decisions that may improve their chances of success. Astrology can provide guidance into business-related matters such as office moves and hiring decisions, as well as which clients/partners would be best suited to work with. Additionally, business astrology can help to develop an understanding of how to structure a business for maximum success.

Astrology Remedies for Business

1  Make Vastu Favorable: Improving Vastu at your home or office can be a powerful astrological remedy to promote good luck, positivity and success in business.

2. Donation/Remedies: Donating to charity, performing remedies as per your chart when certain planets are in an unfavorable position can help remove obstacles and attract good luck in business.

3.Recite mantras: Reciting certain mantras can be beneficial in strengthening your will power, confidence, and overall success in your business.

4.Start venture at right time –If you start business at right time it will also support in your business.

5. Worship Lord Ganesha: Lord Ganesha, is the remover of obstacles, and if you worship Lord Ganesha will remove all hurdles in business.

6. Wear gemstones: Wearing gemstone rings and pendants can help reduce the ill-effects of planets, and promote beneficial energy for success and wealth in business.

7. Keep a Positive Mindset: In any business, job or even in life it is important to have positive mindset to reach your goals and be successful. As some people or competitors try to make you negative in every possible way but it is only possible for them if you entertain their bad intentions by accepting their thought process or behavior towards your business.

8. Compete with you own goals – Don’t let small opionions matters to your big and positive career goals to achieve you from what you want. Also don’t get jealous or try to copy others strategies to succeed as every one has different values, strategies, understanding and goal in this life and surely it won’t match for every individual. It will only bring negative impact to your decisions.

9. Be Practical and set realistic goals : If you set the goals which are totally unrealistic or impractical based on wrong piece of information or research,  which will only push you backward in life.

10. Get Inspired but be original : Being inspired by someone is the natural process and it will help you to achieve and stay motivated on your path. However trying to become the same won’t be the right approach as every one has different capacity, planning, execution, knowledge, experience, exposure and most important astrologically “LUCK of every individual” which change the game for everyone.

What I can do  if I can’t do the given things ?

If you are unable to follow points 7,8,9,10 then show your horoscope to some good astrologer or you can consult with us. Perform the remedies and you will see the change in your life.

What I can do if I don’t want any astrologer guidance ?

Best solution for this try to overcome above habits by doing meditation, reading postive books, do yoga or excercise and positive self talk, try to keep yourself away from negative mindset people. Worship the god you believe or have faith.

Hope you will be able to manage your business and career more passionately with these tips.

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