Planetary positions and short term money in speculation.

I have already mentioned in my previous posts that RAHU, JUPITER, MARS, SATURN, MERCURY plays an important role while making money through the sources which gives money in short time like share market, lottery, sports betting etc. Simultaneously Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn also rules the luck of the individual. People those are having planetary positions of less work and more gain they can earn through such options. Saturn position must be well to gain through lottery, sports wagering.

Many people try to earn through betting but it is not possible for everyone. In fact they lose their money and burdened with loans, debt.

To avoid such situations we will advise all of you who trade in the stock market, try to test their luck in betting or people are already doing these activities can control their losses and have positive earnings with follow steps.

  • Never use money from your business or job out of your limit. Because if you have a poor placement of above planets you will not succeed rather you will lose your hard earned money.
  • If you want to try your luck then keep a small amount aside and invest that particular amount. Do not exceed your budget due to greediness.

Another most important thing that no one can make huge money in a single day through betting unless the person have very strong planetary positions for speculation and short term gain. When people do the greediness and placed bets out of their limit they always failed in this shot. Because everything is ruled by fate and the planets. Badly placed Rahu gives greediness to a person, due to which he may lost his earned stake.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, fortune, if a person has afflicted Jupiter he will never earn through betting unless he performed the remedies and follow the path of Jupiter. Jupiter is the planets who teach people to help needy and have faith in god & karmas.

Mercury is the planet of intellect, judgment, Analysis, Communication, business. A person with afflicted mercury failed to take right decisions he will only take the wrong decisions. Due to the wrong decision he will choose wrong stock, wrong team to place bet on and will meet heavy losses.

Saturn is the planet of karma; everyone knows that whatever we did in our past life we are receiving the fruit of the same karmas. Saturn positioned is the most important for any type of business, job, betting, any financial activity.  Also people those who eat non-veg, drink, do the bad karmas they cannot earn through betting.

According to LALKITAB, if  Saturn exalted/well placed in the birth chart and person keeps doing above things he will receive the fruit of bad Saturn. MARS represents the sports betting thus afflicted mars blocked day to day income/profit in the stock market, betting.

Apart from above planets, other planets also rule income, savings, losses/profit depend on individual horoscope. Like if a person has good position for above planets but the moon is afflicted, then such person will never able to control the expenses, losses. Due to afflicted Venus debts and loans will be higher than income.

Hence we always suggest, to get actual reason of losing money in a particular business, betting activities, savings etc. can be determined only after analyzing the horoscope of an individual. According to LALKITAB, if you perform the Lalkitab remedies as per your planetary positions for the yearly chart and birth chart you can improve your financial position along with overall happiness.


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