There are so many remedies to reduce the malefic effects of the planets similarly, to receive the positive effects of the planets one can perform the remedies. In both the cases Vedic astrology, Lal Kitab suggests various remedies and one of the common remedy is wearing the gemstones of the particular planet. As per Vedic astrology we know we can perform the remedies like havan, Daan(charity), performing Puja Yagya, Mantra chanting etc. But some may find it difficult to do due to the lack of time, money or distance. Everywhere around the world, people face the problems but, can’t get the right solution due to lack of knowledge and guidance.

A person can wear the gemstone according to the one’s birth chart & the yearly planetary positions, during the Mahadasha or for the specific time duration. Gemstones gives relief to the wearer for the health related issues as well as it helps one to enhance the luck or to get success in his undertakings. Each gemstone relates to a particular health issues/disease which we will post in our upcoming post. Today we bring this post to help you how one can benefit of wearing the right stone. We would suggest you to only wear the stone if you have the correct knowledge of your planetary position else you can consult with some good astrologer to know the right stone for you.

As per our experience, we would suggest do not wear the stone if you find after wearing you get any adverse results.  Also, we have seen that many people wear the stones randomly just like a fashion accessory and keep wearing them for the year and years, which causes harm to them but again due to the lack of knowledge they don’t realize it. If you wear any stone you should always check and discuss about that to the astrologer who you suggested to wear. Always keep below questions in mind and never ask to forget about this question to ask that how long you should wear that particular stone? Also, if you have worn any other stones then, do let them know to get the right guidance.

Each planet has their own stones which can reduce or increase the effects of the related planet. One should always wear the natural stones with correct weight to get the beneficial results.  If you cannot afford to wear the gemstones you may wear the substitute stones. Each planet has their substitute stone which also known as upratna. They are not as expensive as the gemstones. We will share that information in our next post. Below you can find the chart to know the gemstone and the related planet.


Planet Gemstone Hindi (Name)
Sun (Surya) Ruby Manik
Moon(Chandra) Pearl Moti
Mars (Mangal) Red Coral Moonga
Mercury (Budh) Emerald Panna
Jupiter(Guru) Topaz/Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj
Venus (Shukra) Diamond Heera
Saturn (Shani) Blue Sapphire Neelam
Rahu Hessonite Garnet Gomed
Ketu Cats Eye Lehsunina


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