“I am writing this article for those people who have seen ups and downs in their life but never understand the reasons behind their sudden downfall.”

Last year I met a person who had everything in his life including family, job, financial stability and mental peace but suddenly his life turned into a problem, he started facing problems from everywhere, he did not understand why things have suddenly changed and he consulted with astrologers who suggested him to wear stone he bought expensive stones and kept wearing before consulting us.

He told me that,” I have been wearing the stones since 2 years but nothing is happening and I am getting depressed day by day as I could not find any solutions for my problems.”

Every astrology calculation has some remedial measures according to birth chart planets, Mahadasha & transits. May be the astrologer suggested him remedies according to the horoscope and planetary positions.

As we calculate based on Lalkitab, we find Lalkitab has different remedial patterns depends on the yearly chart which totally responsible for a person’s good or bad time and the related remedies are highly beneficial to improve the situation.

I have analyzed  his  horoscope and  found that the person is having bad placement of the planets in his yearly chart so I suggested him remedies according to his yearly chart and birth chart which he performed. He had to perform the remedies for birth chart also  because he has never done Lalkitab remedies before.

These remedies helped him to overcome his problems, he amazed with the results and developed strong faith in LALKITAB astrology now he does the remedy along with his family members every year without fail.

Now, Let us have a look how one’s planets can affect a person at certain stages of life.

If any person’s mercury is weak in his/her horoscope he/she may lose their income/savings earned by them at the age of 32 years, similarly if Ketu is weak in one’s chart then he/she may face a problem after 48 years of life as the age represented by Ketu and if a person having badly placed Ketu in the birth chart and the Mahadasha comes over or at the age of 48 yrs which runs for 7 years gives lots of problems and worries to the native. Ketu is also represents Son thus if anyone is having bad placement for Ketu, such people can face more problems after 48 years or within Ketu Mahadasha with their son or any misunderstanding within the family.

These positions are also applicable for yearly chart.These are the few factors which can give an idea about the ill placed planets but to get an actual idea of any planets, personalized horoscope should be read and analyzed for accurate predictions.

Varshphal of Lalkitab is important for everyone. Also if a yearly horoscope is not good or if you have weak positions of planets for consecutive 2-3 years then you will have a sudden downfall in your life, you may face problems financially, physically and mentally if you don’t perform the remedies. And this is why you need your yearly chart.

Similarly if you have a good yearly chart you can experience happiness and it will bring fruitful results for your hard work. Here also you can perform the remedies and maintain and upkeep your good time. When you know your yearly horoscope is good or bad then you will not surprise with the results you are experiencing like what is happening and why all your decisions turned into wrong.

A very important fact, relationships affects your horoscope planets that you stay with including all your relatives, parents and wife. It gives good or bad effect depends on positions based on the birth chart. For e.g. Spouse horoscope impacts one’s life totally in good or bad aspects. Thus it also gives impact on yearly chart.

Like if a person is having a good placement for Venus in the birth chart and his yearly chart is not that good but his spouse is having a good yearly chart or running through Venus Mahadasha than native won’t face many problems due to her planetary positions.

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