The moon represents Mother, Mother in law, Rice, Pearl, Education, Silver, Mental peace, Pilgrimage, Milk, Water etc. Emotions and sensitive nature also ruled by the moon. Lord Shiva is the deity of the Moon. Monday and Full moon day (pourninma) are the best days to perform any remedy of moon to receive faster results. In India, normally many people offer water and milk to shivling on every Monday which is the best remedy for the many problems and should followed every Monday to receive overall bliss.

According to LALKITAB, the Moon represents a fourth house. Sun, Jupiter & mars are the friends of the moon while Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are enemies. The moon gives healing power, strong intuition to a person. Such native are dreamy, mood swings, highly imaginative, sensible and emotional by nature. The moon makes a person an artist. Moon people are also generous and helpful. Native under the moon influence quite happy – go-lucky. They help others because they can easily understand and influenced by others feelings. Normally natives under the influence of the moon have a round shape face. The moon represents LUCK too. So having good position of the moon is very important for everyone. The moon has a lot of influence on native’s life, including his earning; savings, losses, personal life etc.

If the moon is placed well in the birth chart, such native will be calm and patient can make right decisions in his life. Such native can easily concentrate on his work, study or in meditation. If the moon is not well placed or afflicted in horoscope then such native experience lack of concentrations, restlessness, mental worries, impatient, face losses in business, troubled relationship with mother/mother –in- law.

Below are the few positions and the LALKITAB remedies for the moon.

  • If the moon placed in an ascendant and giving trouble to the native then native should not do the business related to dairy products as it will give him financial and health issues. Such native should serve water or milk to the guests. The moon will provide positive effects by doing this remedy.
  • If moon placed in 3rd house, then native should donate green cloths to the small girls as this house belong to the mercury or native should worship Goddess Durga and should read Durga Chalisa as Maa Durga is the deity of the mercury and if one worship, he will not receive any bad effects of the mercury.
  • If the moon is placed in 8th house and giving trouble then native should bring water from the tap located inside of the cremation ground, fill it in a glass bottle and placed it at home. It will eliminate the bad effects of the moon.
  • If the moon is placed in the 10th house and giving trouble then native should not drink milk after sunset.
  • If the moon is placed in 11th house, then the moon will give trouble related to the planets which are enemies to the moon, like if Ketu placed in 4th house then native will have a troubled relationship with his mother, mother-in-law. In this case, native should offer milk to Lord Bhairava temple. (Lord Bhairava is the deity of the Saturn) Because the 11th house means Aquarius, this sign ruled by Saturn (Saturn, an enemy of the moon) and when native perform above remedy it will remove bad effects.

Remedies should be performed according to the personalized birth chart.  To order your personalized horoscope you can contact us.


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