Importance of Worship and Karma


Importance of Worship and Karma

Today I thought to write about this because so many people are asking that what is the importance of worship and karma. Many complain that we worship a lot and also do good karma then why we are still not happy and face problems. Every one has different thinking and definition of worship and karma. But in my opinion, if you try do below things in your life you may feel much positive and happy. So first, let’s try to understand what is the importance of worship and karma.

If you know your kuldevta (Deity of your Kul) you can always worship them. If you are Hindu then you can understand this or you can ask your parents, grandfather/Mother/Paternal as well as Maternal relative and worship that god. If your family is not that aware and no one is there to clear about it then you can worship the god you believe the most. Like if you believe in Lord Shiva then you should worship Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati to get blessings.

If you only worship Lord Shiva and don’t worship Maa Parvati then you may not get the results as good as you are expecting. Lord Shiva is complete with Maa Parvati and pleasing both can give you better and faster results.

Importance of worship Kuldevta?

Kuldevta is the deity of Kul and will protect you from various things in your life as well as if you worship, then you will face less challenges in your life. Every time on big occasions like Marriage, any accomplishment people visit to their Kuldevta and seek blessings, but you should also worship your Kuldevta everyday and you will see a big difference in your life.

If you are not a Hindu and reading this blog it doesn’t mean this blog isn’t helpful to you. This blog is for all of you who read this and want to know how to remain fearless, positive, healthy and become successful in your life.

You should worship god no matter from which religion you belong, God is one, but just the names are different so you can have faith in your God and worship them and the God will always protect you. Also one thing which I totally dislike about the people who hate others religion don’t do that ever. This is not good for humanity as well as no religion teaches you to hate others religion.

Second, you should always pray, worship your ancestor (Pitra) as they will also protect you, bless you and reward you in your life.

Importance of Karma

Karma is also important only you worship any god and keep doing something wrong in your life (Hating animals, not performing any good deeds) then it will not give you fruit.

Karma is the good deeds people does in life. It is not necessary to help them who are not needy or grateful for the things they receive if you help such people then, I personally think that such people will change your thinking to negative and you will hate helping others too. So whenever you help, you should only help needy and the best solution to this you feed stray animals. Don’t hate them, if you feed dogs, crows, cows you will boost your luck from 0 to 10.

Don’t worship for showoff. Always worship and donate as per your own earnings. Not necessary to feed 10, 100 people or animals every day. Whatever your pocket allows you do it as per that. Many people donate, help and worship to get others attention but don’t do that because whatever you have is belong to almighty God and because of him you are here and at the place where you are.

So don’t do this as the god never like showoff, making fun of the needy(Whether its person or animal), boasting, taking an advantage of someone (if someone work at your home,office,company then pay them properly I am not saying that you pay them higher amount, but only trying to tell you there are some people who are honest, genuine and hardworking so never think twice to reward them for their hard work) This will also count as a karma only.

Invest your time in good things like your hobby, learning, gaining knowledge etc.

God will always give you chances it depends on your Karma and understanding what you choose and how you design your future with that. If you choose wrong things you will get the bad future. If you choose it wisely you would get benefit in future.

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