Why people lose their money in betting?


Why people lose their money in betting?

Every speculation work needs advices; if not, then why there are so many experts, advisors do an analysis about the stock market this is same for cricket also if you bet your own maybe you will earn once/twice or thrice but the ratio will not be as good as advisor/experts. When you watch the cricket match on television, your judgment will shift abruptly. But if you have a prediction you will become more confident which will increase your chances of winning. Since you have a prediction you don’t need to think much about the result unless you made any unnecessary changes in your  book/stake. Sometimes you may win in such match unexpectedly which you may feel that you have lost or think impossible to win, but only if you avoid to make any unwanted decisions and follow the prediction. Always do a betting with second opinion and use our Astro predictions to profit in betting. Such matches can also give you an opportunity to earn or double/triple your profit with some small amount of risk. 

Why one lose Money in betting

  1. Because they don’t have predictions.
  2. They bet their own.
  3. They don’t get the correct advice.

Don’t be greedy, while betting ever. You can earn through betting slowly and wisely. If you make hasty decisions, then you will also lose whatever you have earned from it. If you don’t have luck in betting and repeatedly losing your money in betting, then use our best cricket predictions to convert your destiny in profit. 

Always use our below simple CRICKET TIPS to start with Cricket betting:

C” Chance: Take chance in a few matches when the rates are higher. Also, do not think negative till the match is over and also till the last ball get completed. Try to be positive and you will win.

R” Rumours: Do not discuss any betting strategy with your friends or group of friends you will always get confused and believe in rumours as the particular team will win the match, series or world cup. Due to your discussions you may lose and others will earn in the same match. Never overpower destiny, as you never know what will take place in the game.

I” Intelligence: Use your own mind before taking a risk do not take advice from anyone rather than any astrologer whom you trust. I have also seen many people search for FREE predictions on the internet and they blindly placed bet based on that prediction. I believe they are most uncaring people for their own money. They are putting their hard earned money at risk. If you don’t want to buy predictions then at least make your own decision before placing bets on any team.

C” Courage: Take betting as a challenge does not cut your position in every match or often. Take a risk when we suggest you and you will definitely gain in cricket betting. Have courage in betting otherwise stay away from it.

K” Keep the stake amount equal: Try to keep your stake same always to make the healthy profits otherwise you may have to skip such matches where you can actually earn more and take more risks. Also try to do all the matches as well as tosses. If you lose in toss you may recover your loss in match, if you lose match you may be in plus with toss. Sometimes you may gain or lose in both so you should use & choose your BUDGET wisely.

E” Earnings: Cricket is the best as it is interesting as well as money making. But you can only earn if you have patience and apply some simple steps to earn through it.

T” Trust: Astrology always works on trust and belief; if you don’t believe in astrology then don’t buy predictions. We have seen that many people have changed their thought process towards astrology after losing money in betting or they got in huge troubled in their life. Because at the end when a person becomes hopeless from all the ends, then Astrology gives a hope to that person to restart a new life. So always respect astrologers and astrology.


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