Cricket Betting and Astrology

Mars represents the sports and it also represents sports betting. In India Betting are not allowed on sports except horse racing. Everyone knows that sports betting are legal in foreign countries and people placed bets on many sports like soccer, Football, Cricket and Horse racing etc.

Today I have thought to write post on this topic as illegal cricket betting activities also happens in India we usually read from the sources & media about the involvement of cricketers, bookmakers, huge young and middle age crowd.

Sports betting should be legalized  in India or Not? This will always remain a question for all of us. But today I will try to tell you through this post that how people and cricketers involved in betting and which planets attract people in betting or wagering?

Cricketers are having a strong favorable position of Mars become successful CRICKETER. They gained name and fame in this field because Mars also represents money and Status. Few cricketers play well but still not get such a high amount of gained through cricket because somewhere in there birth chart Mars is not placed well or afflicted by enemy planets. Mars also represents day to day income, Health, Younger Brother, weapons, courage, fights, life partner, enthusiasm, and money through illegal sources like sports betting.

Players involved in Match Fixing mostly get attracted towards such illegal activities due to their afflicted Mars. Few cricketers earn through Fixing without losing their position because Mars placement is favorable in their chart.

If mars placed well in horoscope, then such person has good health and that is why players mostly have good physique and they look younger than their age. As I said Mars also represents day to day income thus it also responsible for day to day earning and loss in the betting.

If a person has bad afflicted Mars in birth chart his health not remains good, always fight, struggle to earn money, delay in marriage, and gets attracted towards illegal activities. Mars represents age until 28 years thus mostly young crowd gets attracted towards betting activities because this age group represented by Mars and youngsters get influenced by mars.

Who will earn money through  Betting?

People are having favorable mars position along with Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Rahu can definitely earn through Sports betting or any type of betting.

  • Jupiter represents luck in short time money like a casino, share market, lottery etc.


  • Rahu gives courage to a person or makes him risk taker with an intelligent mind.


  • Saturn represents black money, heavy profits in shares or through betting, gambling.


  • Mercury represents judgment, right decision.

Similarly  if above planets are not well placed in birth chart they will provide adverse effects like Mercury  afflicted then wrong decisions will be made by a person and suffer with losses due to wrong judgment.

 Afflicted Rahu – can confuse a person, who fail to make right decision or unable to take risks and if he takes risks then at the wrong place. Rahu makes greedy which result losses in betting or trading. Sometimes a person can earn in betting but due to the greediness he will loose his earned money too.

Afflicted  Saturn – unable to earn through share market, business and betting or meet heavy losses in this field.

Afflicted Jupiter – luck will not support in any financial activity or no prosperity.

If a person has weak planets like Moon and Jupiter he may take an advice before investing in trading or betting activities.

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