Fengshui Importance to improve your life


Fengshui Importance to improve your life

FENGSHUI is now very much popular in all over the world due to its proved science and effective results which are clearly seen or experienced by many individuals. Everyone knows that if we make some positive changes in our home/office, according to Vastu Shastra then we can get the amazing results. Similarly, Fengshui help us to improve our lives by creating or changing physical environment around us.

Fengshui remedies are very effective in all the matters including health, wealth, mental peace, happiness in the house. Basically, we need to correct what exactly affect us whether it could be the construction of the house, office or the physical environment. Also, we all know there are good and bad, positive and negative energies are there, and that is why we follow the Vastu Shastra and the remedies to make any Vastu positive so that it will give us maximum positive outcome in our lives. Fengshui does the same thing in a creative and most proper way to establish balance with the atmosphere. If we make the changes according to its fundamental principles and make the correct use of it, then we can definitely improve the wealth, health and overall happiness in certain ratios.

How can Fengshui bring happiness and Success in your Life.

There is similarity between Fengshui and Indian Vastu Shastra wherein both the system directions and sub-directions taken into consideration for remedial measures. On Fengshui remedial measures can be done with the small changes or arrangement of light, shape, color, water and glass articles. Fengshui suggest remedies based on “chi” the positive energy surrounding us. Both the sciences have existed since an ancient times Indian, Vastu Shastra roots and origin developed by our great sages where Feng Shui developed and originated from Chinese Civilization. Both the systems have many similarities as well as dissimilarities due to the may be geographic conditions or the principles of the each science may have a somewhat difference in their concepts & process.

As we can see, there are real estate construction are also developed by the builder based on Vastu Shastra, and before starting a projects every builder/developers consider this factor and they plan the project accordingly. Nowadays we see few projects or the individual houses/flats are already basic Vastu complaint. Which means the basic things are already done as per the Vastu while constructing the property. But as per our own research and understanding and even it has been experienced by others that Vastu/Fensghui will affect positively or negatively for each individual. Every direction, Elements is having a different impact for the all family members or partners.

One should not make changes blindly in Vastu without considering the other family members or the business partners suitable Vastu position or else it will give the bad effects and create unnecessary trouble. As per the Indian Vastu Shastra there are five elements which are Fire, Water, Earth, Wood & Air. But in Fengshui most preference is given to the air & water as Fengshui means “Air” & “Water” so as per Fengshui we need to balance our lives with these elements.

We would try to give you simple remedies in our next post which you can definitely implement if you want, but at the same time we will suggest you to do ask our expert for a personalized Fengshui report for your overall happiness or the particular concern.

According to Fengshui, there are five elements i.e. Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal and Water. All these elements are bound to each other or we can say they are attached/depend on each other. In Fengshui we do remedies as per these elements only. Because the use of this material can create bad or good energy as per your own favorable or unfavorable element as per your horoscope/birth chart.


Details about the FIRE element- Fire direction is “south”, color “Red” Shape “Triangle” Number “9”, Season “Summer” Object “Candle” These are the basic things which are related to fire.


Details about an Earth element- An earth direction is the South –West, Color “Yellow, Brown” Shape “Square” Season “summer”, Number”9,2,5,8” & object “Handicrafts, Earthenware”


Details about a Metal element, Metal element direction is “west”, Color “White” Shape “Round” Season “Rainy” Number “6,7” and object “Metal things”


Details about the water element direction of this element is “North”, Color “blue/black” Shape “Equilateral/wavy” Season “Winter Number “1” Object “Fish, Tanks, Waterfalls”


Details about the wood element direction of this element is “East”, Color “Green” Shape “Rectangle” Season “Spring” Number “3, 4” Object “Plants, Table”

To make it more precise would throw some light on it that how these elements are attached to each other as per the nature’s law and the same has been believed by Chinese. When Wood burnt it produces Fire, Fire produces the earth, Earth produces Metal, Metal produces Water, and Water produces Wood. This is the cycle of Five elements as they create and so relate to each other.

Similarly, these Five Elements also have the ability to destroy a particular element like the Earth destroys Water, Water destroys Fire, Fire destroys Metal and Metal destroys Wood. As per the Fengshui these Five Elements are the main and important to establish a positive physical environment. Each Element has a different nature and the impact on human lives. If you want to make changes in your Vastu whether it’s your house or office or business place, then you should make the changes according to your own positive and negative elements which can give you success in your life.

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