Everyone wish to have their own dream home in life. Nowadays it has become difficult for many to buy or construct their dream home due to finance, instability in a career which does not allow a person to own their dream home. If you have good income, one can build or buy the house but this is not the only condition which should be consider but at the same time one need to check the favorable/unfavorable placement in the horoscope before planning for own house.

These will make you aware whether buying house is good or bad for you? Whether you can construct house or you have to buy a ready-made house?

Does your  horoscope have any unfavorable placement, which will give you trouble after buying house like health issues, unexpected death of any family member, sudden down fall which can block your income and you will unable to repay your home loans.

According to our Vedas and ancient scripture one have to start any new project or any good work with Ganesh puja and other Vedic ritual to receive the long-lasting results. In the same way people feel Vaastu shanti can make everything fine and perform the it for a new home. Vaastu shanti need to perform after buying a house for your prosperity and happiness. It will take away all negative energy in Vaastu. This is the second step which comes after constructing houses. But the first step is to check when to buy or construct your dream home including your age, whose name should be registered for property (Spouse, Children, Parents etc) According to LALKITAB all above things are need to consider before making any final decision which will help you from all serious worries in life. As per LALKITAB astrology Saturn represents the HOUSE. Saturn plays an important role to construct houses and it gives good and bad effects on the account of building your own home.

We have given below conditions as per LALKITAB where you can check your horoscope with the help of below information to know the favorable/unfavorable position of the horoscope.

Saturn placement and compatibility for constructing/buying your own dream home

  • IF Saturn is placed in your first house/ascendant and no planet in seventh & tenth house then you can go ahead and build your own house.


  • IF Saturn is placed in your second house, your house dream will come true as and when according to your time thus do not make hasty plans and much worry about it.


  • IF  Saturn is placed in your third house then keep a male and female dog at home which will help you to own your home.


  • IF Saturn is placed in fourth house native should not buy his property on his/her name.


  • IF Saturn is placed in the fifth house, such native should not buy /construct house because their progeny/children gets affected due to ill effect of Saturn.


  • IF Saturn placed in the sixth house, construct house after the age of 36, 39 to get the good results.


  • IF Saturn is positioned in the seventh house, do not construct or build houses instead buy a ready-made house.


  • IF Saturn is placed in the eighth house, do not build or buy home.


  • IF Saturn is located in the ninth house, do not buy more than 3 houses.


  • IF Saturn is placed in Tenth house, do not buy or construct house to avoid financial problems.


  • IF Saturn is placed in the eleventh house, Construct or buy the house only after the age of 55 and the entrance should not be south facing to stay away from health issues.


  • IF Saturn is placed in the twelve house, you can buy or construct your house according to your situation do not postpone or interfere your plans about your dream home.
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