Below are the important planetary positions mentioned as per the LALKITAB which will also make you understand how the exalted planets and debilitated planets affects in life. These are the really important positions which we try to give you in detail here. Many people have the similar planetary positions in their horoscope but they don’t know about this, so they suffer in their life.

Why a person should not accept a Gift?

Never donate or gifts the things related to exalted planets placed in the birth chart likewise planets are not well placed or debilitated state in birth chart never accept gifts or a thing related to those planets.

  • Saturn placed in 8th house and enemy planet placed in the sixth, eighth or 12th house & If second house an empty, then person should not visit religious places (temples, Gurudwara, Masjid) instead bow head and pray from outside of the temple to receive auspicious results.
  • Sun placed in 7th or 8th house then never make offering or donations of things in the early morning.
  • If the moon is placed in 6th house then never dig well or offer water, milk to anyone.
  • If the moon is placed in 12th house never make donation for education of any child as well as never offer food to any priest or monk it will bring lots of troublesome and poverty to a person.
  • If the moon is placed in 11th house then such person should not perform Kanya Daan in the morning for his daughter/sister.
  •  If mars placed in 8th house then such person should not keep tandoor at home as it will affect his wife health.
  • Mercury placed in 4th house never keep a parrot at home else mother’s health will affect.
  • Jupiter in 10th house and moon in 2nd house or Mars in 4th house then do not construct a temple and do not feed or give money to beggars to stay away from any unexpected problem.
  • Jupiter in 7th house then do not donate clothes and do not build a temple at the house it will bring poverty to the native.
  • Jupiter in 5th house, Saturn in 1st house then do not give copper coin to beggars.
  • Venus in 9th house, never adopt a child and do not eat curd.
  • Saturn in 8th house then do not give charity for the hospice (Dharmashala) as it will bring poverty to the native.
  • Mercury in 6th house then native should not find matches for her daughter or sister from north direction.
  • Mars in 12th house then native should not fight with his brother.
  • Ketu 3rd house, never stay in house with south entrance.

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