Cricket Astrology Facts and Insights by ASTROKEY


Cricket Astrology Facts and Insights by ASTROKEY

We often try to share our thoughts, knowledge and research to our readers to provide valuable insights and interesting facts on cricket astrology. After reading this post you may get an idea about how the cricket astrology works and impacts on any event. Cricket Astrology is not an easy task because it requires knowledge of various things, depth research and analysis to predict the cricket. But still we try to make it simple in words for easy understanding.

Planets and good luck are major factors in any victory or loss it affects the outcome, performance of any event. It applies to all games, sports and events just like every other situation. Believe it or not, but it is true that our Life or any event that occurs anywhere is the game of planets and luck

Hard work pays off, but only if you have good luck too. Otherwise, most of the teams and players struggle to be successful or win the match.

How can astrology help any cricket player or team to succeed in a match.

If the playing XI has all the correct players with good luck support placed in a right league or matches irrespective of international or domestic, T20, ODIs or Test team can win the match.

Right selection of players for the International and domestic leagues required as no one wants to lose the match. Strategically, players are selected by the board or franchise based on performances. However, player can only perform if he/she has a good time, luck and ability to perform.

There are so many players who perform well in a 2-3 match and average in other matches. These also depends on various conditions, including experience, luck and player ability to adapt the situation. But from the astrologer’s perspective, this happens because of the good and bad times/luck of the player.

Have you ever given a thought why sometimes a team, which seems poor in ranking or performances, wins few matches on a particular day because their team luck favors and opposite team has weak luck may help weak or average team to win a particular match. (This might also happen due to the fixing but luck factor also plays major role in this win)

Player as a Captain vs Non-Captain

Few players could do well being a skipper and can’t perform well under other’s captaincy and few could do well as a player but can’t perform as a captain. Sometimes people may think due to ego/clashes they aren’t performing, but it happens because of their planetary positions. (And of course, under rare conditions, they don’t play as per their wish Hahaa)

There are plenty of examples in cricket, lots of good players, but they didn’t do well after being captain or succeed as a captain. This happens because the player may have the good luck to shine in cricket but, as a captain, he/she may not do well in cricket. Vice versa if any captain were doing great being a captain and replace by new captain he/she may not be able to perform under the captain. Therefore, selection of the right captain in domestic or international cricket is most important for any board and franchisee.

Player Performance

There are players who perform well in a particular year, matches or leagues, and couldn’t do well in next year/s. Similarly for format few does well in domestic couldn’t do great in international. Few does great in T20 but can’t go well in ODIs or Test. These all happens because of the placements of the planets.

As per our research if any team or franchise takes all the necessary steps right from the beginning of the selection of name, logo, graphic, jersey, players for the teams to the squad played on particular day could immensely increase the chances of winning.

Impact based on Franchisee Investment and Partnership

In domestic leagues such as IPL has individual team owners, or the partners in that case also luck matters. If a partner is not having a good time, their investments can cause a loss based on the % of their investments. Likewise, if a partner has a good luck that will help another partner to succeed as a franchisee.

Also, sometimes a franchisee signed up players who were performing well but they couldn’t do well for the franchisee because of the combination of players and franchisee doesn’t work astrologically. Signing a player with a large amount will not provide the assurance by the players to perform well for the franchisee. This should also be taken in the account by all the franchisees before making any final decision.

These are just a few things apart from these all-other depth things must be analyzed and reviewed to succeed as a player or team.

If any team/franchisee/players work on the mentioned things they will definitely gain from it.

We hope that our post will help you better understand the planets and the role of luck and give you the insight about Why, sometimes a player or team/franchisee can do well or not.

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