I know many of you will not be aware of this, that is why I thought this topic will interest you more. Today I am going to provide brief information about journey and related planets. I am sure you will enjoy this post as it is not such topic where one can really find it in astrological wayAs we always say, planets affect everything hence it is also responsible for travelling.

Journey and related planets with their placement in the horoscope.

Travelling and Planets

Let’s start with “MOON” is related to sea as well all the water elements, thus it also represents a travel / journey through water/sea. Jupiter represents Air travel, Venus represents Land travel. Moon also represents travel for pleasure, short journeys. VenusRahu represent overseas travel. Transfer can be seen through Ketu.

We can also find the reasons behind the travels/journeys.

If Jupiter, Sun or Mercury placed in 2nd or 4th house of the moon then travelling will involved for the business reason. If moon itself placed in these houses then travelling can happen due to marriage purpose, If Venus is placed in the houses then distant travel shall be expected.

Journeys/travelling can be seen with the help of KETU positioned at the 12th house in yearly chart.

  • First House – If seventh house an empty in the yearly chart then journey shall be indicated towards east direction.


  • Second House- Journey shall be indicated towards the East – west also the results of the journey will be fruitful.


  • Third House – If no planet placed in the third house, long journey can happen towards South direction.


  • Fourth House – No travelling involved.


  • Fifth House – If Jupiter placed in, change in a department / unit for betterment shall be seen.


  • Sixth House – Journey shall be delayed or cancel at once in north direction.


  • Seventh House – change from one city to another.


  • Eight House – Travelling/transfer shall be indicated against one’s wish.


  • Ninth House – Travelling/transfer shall happen according to one’s wish.


  • Tenth House – Unexpected travelling shall be expected towards west direction.


  • Eleventh House – Unnecessary travelling shall be expected.


  • Twelfth House – No travelling shall be involved without any transfer.


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