Introduction of LALKITAB 

LALKITAB is not less than any miracle.Originator of LALKITAB and the language in which the book has been originally written first time is still a mystery as many references are there since an ancient times,

According to some believers RAVAN is considered to be an originator of LALKITAB,when Ravan lost his power due to arrogance he also lost possession of LALKITAB which later surfaced in a place called aad in Arabia,where it got translated into Urdu and Persian and named as THE RED BOOK OF PERSIA.

REDBOOK is a set of five books, presently available versions authored by PT. Roop Chand Joshi and published in the 19th century during the years 1939 to 1952, many scholar and masters regard PT. Roop Chand Joshi Ji as an originator of this book, who have studied the LK.

LALKITAB is unique because first time a book explained the planetary position in one’s horoscope along with palm lines of the person.LALKITAB is mixed of both palmistry and Jyotish as it is based on samudrik shatra.

LALKITAB also suggested best remedial measures for each planet house wise, few remedial measures can be a part of routine life.These remedial measures proved very effective to remove the malefic effect of the planets according to one’s horoscope.

LALKITAB Remedies are easier and more effective in achieving the result and at the same time the remedies are inexpensive as compared to other remedial measures in astrology.

LK is not an easy to practise as it is a deep root of astrology, thus learners and masters referred LALKITAB as a guide of astrology.

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