T20 world cup 2022 – India lost the 2nd Semi final


T20 world cup 2022 – India lost the 2nd Semi final| Astrology and emotions are two different things.|

Indian cricket team disappointed cricket fans but read this blog to overcome such situations in life. The biggest Example of T20 World Cup 2nd Semi Final, that’s how emotional decisions are making people believe that India will win the Semi and will enter in T20 World Cup 2022. Hence, one might think that India will win the World Cup easily. As every Indian wish that India should win semi-finals, but what we want and what happens also depends on various factors.

Our prediction was England as we need to speak the truth that we see in our astrological analysis to predict this match. Also, we have predicted this kind of games in the past too and it was not surprising factor for us.

T20 World cup 2022 has shown true sides of cricket after asia cup 2022 this year. This year’s Asia Cup and World Cup have proven that cricket should be competitive to keep cricket fans enjoying thrill.

Astrology and emotions are two different things. Never mix the two otherwise you will not be able to make the right decisions. It is not applicable just to sports or predictions its applicable to life also. You need to think practically rather than emotionally to overcome any confusion that comes into your mind while making decisions.

As per BCCI, cricket selectors and coach they have selected best players to perform but now post this match results everyone started talking about their abilities, lack of training, fitness, so and so. But where is the Astrology and luck has been taken into consideration. The team will perform with the right combination of players and only with their luck. If it doesn’t favor India or any team, the team won’t win. When luck will favor weak team, that will be winning day for them. Over confidence, wrong players selections and poor team luck will show such results.

Nothing is perfect, but at least we have to make a proper initial decision to do other things well.

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