Sade-Sati is the 7½ year long period of Saturn (Shani). According to astrology sade-sati can be calculated in three terms from ascendant, sun and moon. Saturn Sade sati covers 22 ½ years of life. This long period of Saturn brings lots of challenges to the native depends on the planetary position in the birth chart.

Every 30th year saturn sadesati comes in each person’s life. In north India mostly astrologers calculate sade sati from moon. Sade-sati period becomes powerful during transit; Saturn gives effects from one zodiac before and one zodiac after from the moon.

Many have misunderstood about Saturn and they feel Saturn will bring the inauspiciousness or trouble to them but it is not true at all. Because Saturn doesn’t give you any trouble but only your karmas do.  According to Hinduism whatever karmas we did in our past life we experience the fruit of those karmas in this life whether it’s good or bad. This is the only reason people always say, “That person is not religious but still he is wealthy, he is not doing good things but he is happy” such reactions and statements can be heard in the society. But if anyone wants to examine the significance of karmas we can see the lots of people are well placed in society, it is because they did good karmas in their past life and enjoying the fruit of it. If Saturn will not correct us with hard lesson then a person will repeat the bad karmas in life and keep coming to earth to experience more difficulties and trouble due to his bad karmas.

During 71/2 years of period a person meets new challenges with hard lessons. Saturn is like a strict father who always wants his child to perform his duties with full dedication. Why a strict father punished his child because the child should learn from his own mistakes and not to repeat the same thing again. It is same for the Saturn too. Saturn is the planet of karma and he does the right justice for all of us according to our good and bad karmas. He punished with some hard lessons and shows the right path to follow our destiny.

If the Saturn placed good in horoscope brings lot of happiness, wealth and good position in society.


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