Since ages education has a very important place in our Shastra’s and Vedic science and thus formed Gurukul in ancient times where a person acquires knowledge of life, work and the motive behind his life.Without basic education no one can do any job, business or succeed in any work which he opt to do. And this is why all the companies including MNC provide the training to their employee to make them educated about their products, technology. Education changes a thinking of a person and makes a person independent and confident.

Today people have realized the value of education and this has been proven when Indian people from illiterate background also want to educate their child. This remarkable step will definitely improve future of India.

To attain success in whatever field one needs to get educated in. Luck plays an important part in all aspects and thus in education too.

While considering the factor we thought to provide below remedies for success in your education and overcome hurdles or fear of competitive exams including entrance exams school and college or any exam you are going to appear.

All students/people those are reading our post need to understand the fact that you have to study and prepare for the exams. We are not saying that you just do the below remedy and will pass the test without any preparation. If you are good in studies but still face problem or fear due to any bad placements of planets in your horoscope, unable to concentrate, if anyone less interested in studying then this remedies will help you in this matter.

JUPITER plays significant role in any type of education and it is important for all students to have their Jupiter position best to succeed in exams. People have good placement of Jupiter in their chart can achieve higher education and settled in their career without much struggle.

Those are having weak Jupiter face problems hurdles for education and most of the time such people dropped the school or college and start working in early years and struggled for their career due to education.

Jupiter represents schools, colleges and all educational institutions. Many don’t know about this placement, if Ketu is weak in one’s horoscope then native won’t able to achieve higher education because it automatically gives a bad effect of Jupiter.

While running through Ketu Mahadasha in one’s chart such native face hurdle and delay in education.If going through Saturn Mahadasha such native may fail in the exams or delay in education, due to health or any reason which results slow education.

Moon and mercury are also important for education as weak moon gives lack of concentration and weak mercury affect memory.

Remedies for Education and Competitive Exams.

1. Very Effective mantra “Om gan Ganpataye namah” should chant 11 times before exam start and you will see the fruitful results.

2. On Wednesday offer Durvaa at Ganeshji temple. Try to do it every Wednesday.

3. Use any ink for writing paper but the pen should be a red colour with golden cap.

2. On Thursday tie 7 haldi and besan laddu in yellow cloth and flow in river to succeed in exams.

3. Jehi par kripa karahi janu jani, kabi ur ajir nachwahi bani

Mori sudharihi so sab bhaanti, jasu krupa nahin krupa aghati

Every morning do this chaupai paat at 108 times.

4. Om manisaad pratisham twamagamh shashwatoh samah, Yat krotrchmithuna dekmawadhih kammohitam.

Chant this mantra 3 times as you wake up in the morning before talking with anyone. You will achieve good education.

5. Janak sutaa jag janani janaki ,Atisay priy karuna nidhan ki

Taake jug pad kamal manavau, Jasukrupa nirmal mati pavau

Chant this mantra before Sriram & Sita picture 108 times to remove hurdles in education.

6. Buddhi hin tanu janike,Sumirau pawan kumar

Bal buddhi vidyadehu mohin harahu kales vikaar

Do this mantra 108 times after performing hanuman ji puja every day to gain concentration and success in study.

7. Guru grah gaye padhan raghuraee, Alp kaal vidyaa sab aayi

Do this chaupai paat 108 times before going to school/college and you will definitely pass your exams.

8. Wear one mukhi Rudraksh between two panch mukhi Rudraksh in red thread after chanting om namah shivay mantra.Do this remedy on Monday in shukla paksha. (Touch the rudraksh with shivling before wearing)

9. While going for exam offer ½ litre milk in any temple.

10. According to Lalkitab if a child not going to school due to any reason, take a square copper piece and tie with white cloth and give your child to wear in his neck.


The remedy should be practiced by student to get effective results.

You can do any single remedy from the given remedies which you can perform easily.

Mantra remedy can start in Shukla paksha.

Any remedy given for wearing Rudraksh should be done after checking the horoscope to avoid any adverse effect.

These are remedy according to LALKITAB and Vedic astrology one will perform with full faith definitely receives the fruit.

Parents should get check their child’s horoscope with some good astrologers and perform the remedy to avoid such situation and depression of the child.

We advise parents order personalized education report for their child in order to achieve the best result. In personalized report one will get remedies according to their horoscope chart.

If anyone want to order personalized education report along with remedies can contact us.


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