UEFA Euro 2020 Soccer Prediction and Schedule


UEFA Euro 2020 Soccer Prediction and Schedule

UEFA European Championship commonly known as Euro 2020 scheduled to be the 16th UEFA European Championship of Europe organised by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) This tournament was postponed due to the pandemic and now its been schedule between 11th June to 11th July. You can subscribe for EURO 2020 Predictions. 

UEFA EURO 2020 Groups

Group A – Italy, Wales, Turkey, Switzerland

Group B – Finland, Belgium, Russia, Denmark

Group C – Austria, Ukraine, Netherlands, North Macedonia

Group D – Czech Republic, Croatia, Scotland, England

Group E – Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden

Group F – France, Germany, Portugal, Hungary

EURO 2020 Schedule & Predictions

GROUP A Turkey vs Italy Jun 12, Sat Rome
GROUP A Wales vs Switzerland Jun 12, Sat Baku
GROUP B Denmark vs Finland Jun 12, Sat Copenhagen
GROUP B Belgium vs Russia Jun 13, Sun St.Petersburg
GROUP D England vs Croatia Jun 13, Sun London
GROUP C Australia vs North Macedonia Jun 13, Sun Bucharest
GROUP C Netherland vs Ukraine Jun 14, Mon Amsterdam
GROUP D Scotland vs Czech Republic Jun 14, Mon Glasgow
GROUP E Poland vs Slovakia Jun 14, Mon St.Petersburg
GROUP E Spain vs Sweden Jun 15, Tue Seville
GROUP F Hungary vs Portugal Jun 15, Tue Budapest
GROUP F France vs Germany Jun 16, Wed Munich
GROUP B Finland vs Russia Jun 16, Wed St.Petersburg
GROUP A Turkey vs Wales Jun 16, Wed Baku
GROUP A Italy vs Switzerland Jun 17, Thu Rome
GROUP C Ukraine vs North Macedonia Jun 17, Thu Bucharest
GROUP B Denmark vs Belgium Jun 17, Thu Copenhagen
GROUP C Netherland vs Austria Jun 18, Fri Amsterdam
GROUP E Sweden vs Slovakia Jun 18, Fri St.Petersburg
GROUP D Croatia vs Czech Republic Jun 18, Fri Glasgow
GROUP D England vs Scotland Jun 19, Sat London
GROUP F Hungary vs France Jun 19, Sat Budapest
GROUP F Portugal vs Germany Jun 19, Sat Munich
GROUP E Spain vs Poland Jun 20, Sun Seville
GROUP A Italy vs Wales Jun 20, Sun Rome
GROUP A Switzerland vs Turkey Jun 20, Sun Baku
GROUP C North Macedonia vs Netherlands Jun 21, Mon Amsterdam
GROUP C Ukraine vs Austria Jun 21, Mon Bucharest
GROUP B Russia vs Denmark Jun 22, Tue Copenhagen
GROUP B Finland vs Belgium Jun 22, Tue St.Petersburg
GROUP D Czech Republic vs England Jun 23, Wed London
GROUP D Croatia vs Scotland Jun 23, Wed Glasgow
GROUP E Slovakia vs Spain Jun 23, Wed Seville
GROUP E Sweden vs Poland Jun 23, Wed St.Petersburg
GROUP F Germany vs Hungary Jun 24, Thu Munich
GROUP F Portugal vs France Jun 24, Thu Budapest
ROUND 16 2A vs 2B Jun 26, Sat Amsterdam
ROUND 16 1A vs 2C Jun 27, Sun London
ROUND 16 1C vs 3D/E/F Jun 27, Sun Budapest
ROUND 16 1B vs 3A/D/E/F Jun 28, Mon Seville
ROUND 16 2D vs 2E Jun 28, Mon Copenhagen
ROUND 16 1F vs 3A/B/C Jun 29, Tue Bucharest
ROUND 16 1D vs 2F Jun 29, Tue London
ROUND 16 1E vs 3A/B/C/D Jun 30, Wed Glasgow
Quarter Final 1 Winner 6 vs Winner 5 July 02, Fri St.Petersburg
Quarter Final 2 Winner 4 vs Winner 2 July 03, Sat Munich
Quarter Final 3 Winner 3 vs Winner 1 July 03, Sat Baku
Quarter Final 4 Winner 8 vs Winner 7 July 04, Sun Rome
Semi Final 1 Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1 July 07, Wed London
Semi Final 2 Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 July 08, Thu London
Final Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 July 12, Mon London

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