The Hundred 2022 Predictions and Schedule


The Hundred 2022 Predictions and Schedule


The Hundred 2022 has been schedule between 3rd August 2022 to 3rd September 2022. Total 34 Matches including 32 league matches, an eliminator and Final. This is the second season of the 100 ball cricket tournament. You can subscribe for The Hundred 2022 Predictions (Toss & Match) based on Astrology. 


  • Welsh Fire
  • Southern Brave
  • Oval Invincibles
  • London Spirit
  • Manchester Originals
  • Northern Superchargers
  • Trent Rockets
  • Birmingham Phoenix
1st Match Southern Brave vs Welsh Fire Aug 03, Wed Southampton
2nd Match Oval Invincibles vs London Spirit Aug 04, Thu London
3rd Match Manchester Originals vs Northern Superchargers Aug 05, Fri Manchester
4th Match Trent Rockets vs Brimingham Phoenix Aug 06, Wed Nottingham
5th Match Welsh Fire vs Oval Invincibles Aug 07, Sun Cardiff
6th Match London Spirit vs Manchester Originals Aug 08, Mon London
7th Match Northern Superchargers vs Trent Rockets Aug 09, Tue Leeds
8th Match Birmingham Phoenix vs Southern Brave Aug 10, Wed Birmingham
9th Match Oval Invincibles vs Northern Superchargers Aug 11, Thu London
10th Match Southern Brave vs London Spirit Aug 12, Fri Southampton
11th Match Manchester Originals vs Trent Rockets Aug 13, Sat Manchester
12th Match Welsh Fire vs Birmingham Phoenix Aug 13, Sat Cardiff
13th Match Northern Superchargers vs London Spirit Aug 14, Sun Leeds
14th Match Oval Invincibles vs Southern Brave Aug 14, Sun London
15th Match Birmingham Phoenix vs Trent Rockets Aug 15, Mon Birmingham
16th Match Manchester Originals vs Welsh Fire Aug 16, Tue Manchester
17th Match Trent Rockets vs Oval Invincibles Aug 17, Wed Nottingham
18th Match Southern Brave vs Manchester Originals Aug 18, Thu Southampton
19th Match Birmingham Phoenix vs Northern Superchargers Aug 19, Fri Birmingham
20th Match Trent Rockets vs London Spirit Aug 20, Sat Nottingham
21st Match Northern Superchargers vs Manchester Originals Aug 21, Sun Leeds
22nd Match Welsh Fire vs Southern Brave Aug 22, Mon Cardiff
23rd Match Oval Invincibles vs Birmingham Phoenix Aug 23, Tue London
24th Match London Spirit vs Welsh Fire Aug 24, Wed London
25th Match Southern Brave vs Trent Rockets Aug 25, Thu Southampton
26th Match Welsh Fire vs Northern Superchargers Aug 26, Fri Cardiff
27th Match London Spirit vs Oval Invincibles Aug 27, Sat London
28th Match Birmingham Phoenix vs Manchester Originals Aug 28, Sun Birmingham
29th Match Trent Rockets vs Welsh Fire Aug 29, Mon Nottingham
30th Match London Spirit vs Birmingham Phoenix Aug 30, Tue London
31st Match Northern Superchargers vs Southern Brave Aug 31, Wed Leeds
32nd Match Manchester Originals vs Oval Invincibles Aug 31, Wed Manchester
Eliminator TBC vs TBC Sep 02, Fri Southampton
Final TBC vs TBC Sep 03, Sat London


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