Maharaja Trophy T20 2023 Predictions


Maharaja Trophy T20 2023 Predictions

Maharaja Trophy T20, earlier known as Karnataka Premier League (KPL) is T20 League of Karnataka Cricket Association. There are total 6 Teams participate in this League. KPL scheduled from 13th August to 29th August 2023, with Total 33 matches including 30 League Matches with 2 Semis and Final. You can subscribe for Maharaja Trophy T20 2023 Predictions from us.

The expensive players for Maharaja Trophy KSCA T20 are Mayank Agarwal, Abhinav Manohar, Devdutt Paddikal and Manish Pandey.

Top four teams will make it to the Semi-Final, The winners of the Semi-Finals will play Final on 29th August 2023.

Maharaja Trophy T20 Teams :

  • Shivamogga Lions
  • Gulbarga Mystics
  • Mysore Warriors
  • Mangalore Dragons
  • Bengaluru Blasters
  • Hubli Tigers

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Maharaja Trophy T20 2023 Schedule

1st Match Gulbarga Mystics vs Bengaluru Blasters Aug 13, Sun Bengaluru
2nd Match Hubli Tigers vs Mysore Warriors Aug 13, Sun Bengaluru
3rd Match Mangalore Dragons vs Shivamogga Lions Aug 14, Mon Bengaluru
4th Match Gulbarga Mystics vs Hubli Tigers Aug 14, Mon Bengaluru
5th Match Mysore Warriors vs Mangalore Dragons Aug 15, Tue Bengaluru
6th Match Shivamogga Lions vs Bengaluru Blasters Aug 15, Tue Bengaluru
7th Match Bengaluru Blasters vs Hubli Tigers Aug 16, Wed Bengaluru
8th Match Mysore Warriors vs Gulbarga Mystics Aug 16, Wed Bengaluru
9th Match Gulbarga Mystics vs Shivamogga Lions Aug 17, Thu Bengaluru
10th Match Mangalore Dragons vs Hubli Tigers Aug 17, Thu Bengaluru
11th Match Shivamogga Lions vs Mysore Warriors Aug 18, Fri Bengaluru
12th Match Mangalore Dragons vs Bengaluru Blasters Aug 18, Fri Bengaluru
13th Match Bengaluru Blasters vs Mysore Warriors Aug 19, Sat Bengaluru
14th Match Hubli Tigers vs Shivamogga Lions Aug 19, Sat Bengaluru
15th Match Mysore Warriors vs Hubli Tigers Aug 20, Sun Bengaluru
16th Match Gulbarga Mystics vs Mangalore Dragons Aug 20, Sun Bengaluru
17th Match Shivamogga Lions vs Gulbarga Mystics Aug 21, Mon Bengaluru
18th Match Bengaluru Blasters vs Mangalore Dragons Aug 21, Mon Bengaluru
19th Match Hubli Tigers vs Bengaluru Blasters Aug 22, Tue Bengaluru
20th Match Mysore Warriors vs Shivamogga Lions Aug 22, Tue Bengaluru
21st Match Hubli Tigers vs Gulbarga Mystics Aug 23, Wed Bengaluru
22nd Match Mangalore Dragons vs Mysore Warriors Aug 23, Wed Bengaluru
23rd Match Shivamogga Lions vs Mangalore Dragons Aug 24, Thu Bengaluru
24th Match Bengaluru Blasters vs Gulbarga Mystics Aug 24, Thu Bengaluru
25th Match Mysore Warriors vs Bengaluru Blasters Aug 25, Fri Bengaluru
26th Match Shivamogga Lions vs Hubli Tigers Aug 25, Fri Bengaluru
27th Match Hubli Tigers vs Mangalore Dragons Aug 26, Sat Bengaluru
28th Match Gulbarga Mystics vs Mysore Warriors Aug 26, Sat Bengaluru
29th Match Mangalore Dragons vs Gulbarga Mystics Aug 27, Sun Bengaluru
30th Match Bengaluru Blasters vs Shivamogga Lions Aug 27, Sun Bengaluru
1st Semi-Final TBC vs TBC Aug 28, Mon Bengaluru
2nd Semi-Final TBC vs TBC Aug 28, Mon Bengaluru
Final TBC vs TBC Aug 29, Tue Bengaluru


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