Carribean Premier League -2015 was the third season of the CPLT20. This T20 series is the part of West Indies domestic cricket league which has been started in the year 2013. We have predicted all the three seasons of this domestic tournaments with more than 80% Accuracy in all the seasons. For this year season accuracy as well astro power and other JACKPOT Predictions check our below report.

Astrokey official report for CPLT20(2015) Series. Accuracy for Toss and cricket match predictions.

Astrokey cricket analyzer report 20-06-2015 to 26-07-2015 CPLT20 (2015)

1 BT v GAW Correct Correct
2 STZ v TTR Correct NR
3 BT v JT Correct Correct
4 STZ v SNP Correct Correct
5 BT v TTR Correct Correct
6 STZ v GAW Wrong Correct
7 BT v SNP Correct Wrong
8 STZ v JT Correct Wrong
9 JT v SNP Correct Correct
10 STZ v BT Correct Correct
11 GAW v SNP Correct Correct
12 BT v STZ Correct Correct
13 SNP v JT Correct JACKPOT
14 TTR v GAW Correct Correct
15 SNP v BT Correct Correct
16 JT v STZ Correct Correct
17 SNP v GAW Wrong Correct
18 JT v TTR Correct Correct
19 SNP v STZ Correct Correct
20 SNP v TTR Correct Correct
21 BT v JT Correct JACKPOT
22 GAW v JT Correct Correct
23 TTR v STZ Correct Correct
25 TTR v BT Correct Wrong
26 STZ v GAW Correct Correct
27 TTR v SNP Correct Correct
28 BT v GAW Correct Correct
29 TTR v JT Wrong Correct
30 TTR v GAW Correct Wrong
31 1st Semi Final – TTR v JT Correct Correct
32 2nd Semi Final – TTR v GAW Correct Correct
33 FINAL – TTR v BT Correct Correct

Report generated on 01.07.2015 by ASTROKEY

CPLT20 – 2 JACKPOT Match  No.13 & Match No.21

CPLT20 2015 Cricket Predictions Accuracy – 89% & TOSS Predictions – 92%


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