T20 Blast 2024 Predictions


T20 Blast 2024 Predictions

T20 Blast 2024 is the seventh season of T20 Cricket, This League is managed by England and Wales Cricket. T20 Blast 2024 is scheduled to begin from 30th May to 14th September, 2024, The playing format for the season is divided into two groups, South and North. Each team will play 14 matches. You can subscribe for T20 Blast 2024 Predictions for Match and Toss. Also, you can check the accuracy and jackpot details of previous seasons in the related post.

There are total 133 matches and 18 teams will be participating in this season, 9 teams in South and other 9 teams in North Group.

Somerset were the defending champions of 2023, they have won 15 matches out of 17 and set a new domestic T20 record for the highest number of wins in the particular season.

T20 Blast 2024 Teams :

  • Northamptonshire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Birmingham Bears
  • Worcestershire
  • Yorkshire
  • Derbyshire
  • Durham
  • Lancashire
  • Leicestershire
  • Kent
  • Middlesex
  • Somerset
  • Surrey
  • Sussex
  • Essex
  • Glamorgan
  • Hampshire
  • Gloucestershire

T20 Blast 2024 Schedule :

North Group Lancashire vs Durham May 30, Thu Manchester
South Group Gloucestershire vs Essex May 30, Thu Bristol
North Group Yorkshire vs Worcestershire May 30, Thu Leeds
North Group Northamptonshire vs Derbyshire May 30, Thu Northampton
South Group Hampshire vs Surrey May 30, Thu Southampton
North Group Worcestershire vs Lancashire May 31, Fri Worcester
South Group Glamorgan vs Surrey May 31, Fri Cardiff
North Group Leicestershire vs Yorkshire May 31, Fri Leicester
North Group Nottinghamshire vs Northamptonshire May 31, Fri Nottingham
North Group Durham vs Warwickshire May 31, Fri Chester-le-Street
South Group Somerset vs Essex May 31, Fri Taunton
South Group Sussex vs Gloucestershire May 31, Fri Brighton
South Group Middlesex vs Kent May 31, Fri Chelmsford
North Group Derbyshire vs Leicestershire Jun 01, Sat Birmingham
North Group Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire Jun 01, Sat Birmingham
South Group Hampshire vs Kent Jun 02, Sun Southampton
South Group Glamorgan vs Sussex Jun 02, Sun Cardiff
South Group Essex vs Middlesex Jun 02, Sun Chelmsford
South Group Surrey vs Somerset Jun 02, Sun London
North Group Northamptonshire vs Yorkshire Jun 02, Sun Northampton
North Group Lancashire vs Derbyshire Jun 02, Sun Manchester
South Group Middlesex vs Glamorgan Jun 06, Thu London
North Group Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire Jun 06, Thu Nottingham
South Group Kent vs Somerset Jun 07, Fri Canterbury
South Group Gloucestershire vs Hampshire Jun 07, Fri Bristol
South Group Surrey vs Sussex Jun 07, Fri London
North Group Lancashire vs Warwickshire Jun 07, Fri Manchester
North Group Leicestershire vs Durham Jun 07, Fri Leicester
North Group Northamptonshire vs Worcestershire Jun 07, Fri Northampton
South Group Essex vs Glamorgan Jun 07, Fri Chelmsford
North Group Derbyshire vs Nottinghamshire Jun 07, Fri Derby
North Group Warwickshire vs Durham Jun 08, Sat Birmingham
South Group Gloucestershire vs Sussex Jun 08, Sat Bristol
South Group Somerset vs Hampshire Jun 09, Sun Taunton
North Group Leicestershire vs Worcestershire Jun 09, Sun Leicester
North Group Nottinghamshire vs Lancashire Jun 09, Sun Nottingham
North Group Yorkshire vs Derbyshire Jun 09, Sun Leeds
South Group Kent vs Middlesex Jun 09, Sun Canterbury
South Group Middlesex vs Somerset Jun 11, Tue London
North Group Durham vs Leicestershire Jun 12, Wed Chester-le-Street
South Group Middlesex vs Essex Jun 13, Thu London
South Group Glamorgan vs Hampshire Jun 13, Thu Cardiff
North Group Worcestershire vs Nottinghamshire Jun 14, Fri Worcester
North Group Warwickshire vs Yorkshire Jun 14, Fri Birmingham
North Group Leicestershire vs Lancashire Jun 14, Fri Leicester
South Group Surrey vs Gloucestershire Jun 14, Fri London
South Group Hampshire vs Middlesex Jun 14, Fri Southampton
North Group Derbyshire vs Northamptonshire Jun 14, Fri Derby
South Group Essex vs Sussex Jun 14, Fri Chelmsford
South Group Someset vs Kent Jun 14, Fri Taunton
North Group Nottinghamshire vs Durham Jun 15, Sat Nottingham
South Group Sussex vs Surrey Jun 15, Sat Hove
South Group Somerset vs Glamorgan Jun 16, Sun Taunton
South Group Kent vs Gloucestershire Jun 16, Sun Canterbury
North Group Durham vs Lancashire Jun 16, Sun Chester-le-Street
North Group Worcestershire vs Northamptonshire Jun 16, Sun Worcester
North Group Derbyshire vs Warwickshire Jun 16, Sun Derby
North Group Yorkshire vs Leicestershire Jun 16, Sun Leeds
South Group Middlesex vs Surrey Jun 20, Thu London
North Group Warwickshire vs Northamptonshire Jun 20, Thu Birmingham
South Group Glamorgan vs Gloucestershire Jun 20, Thu Cardiff
North Group Yorkshire vs Lancashire Jun 20, Thu Leeds
South Group Essex vs Hampshire Jun 20, Thu Chelmsford
South Group Sussex vs Kent Jun 20, Thu Hove
North Group Worcestershire vs Warwickshire Jun 21, Fri Worcester
North Group Northamptonshire vs Leicestershire Jun 21, Fri Northampton
North Group Nottinghamshire vs Derbyshire Jun 21, Fri Nottingham
South Group Surrey vs Glamorgan Jun 21, Fri London
South Group Kent vs Essex Jun 21, Fri Canterbury
South Group Gloucestershire vs Somerset Jun 21, Fri Bristol
North Group Durham vs Yorkshire Jun 21, Fri Chester-le-Street
South Group Hampshire vs Sussex Jun 21, Fri Southampton
South Group Gloucestershire vs Kent Jul 05, Fri Cheltenham
South Group Surrey vs Middlesex Jul 05, Fri London
North Group Yorkshire vs Warwickshire Jul 05, Fri Leeds
North Group Durham vs Worcestershire Jul 05, Fri Chester-le-Street
North Group Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire Jul 05, Fri Nottingham
North Group Northamptonshire vs Lancashire Jul 05, Fri Northampton
South Group Sussex vs Glamorgan Jul 05, Fri Hove
South Group Essex vs Somerset Jul 05, Fri Chelmsford
South Group Middlesex vs Hampshire Jul 06, Sat Radlett
North Group Leicestershire vs Derbyshire Jul 06, Sat Leicester
South Group Somerset vs Gloucestershire Jul 07, Sun Taunton
North Group Derbyshire vs Yorkshire Jul 07, Sun Chesterfield
North Group Nottinghamshire vs Warwickshire Jul 07, Sun Nottingham
North Group Lancashire vs Worcestershire Jul 07, Sun Manchester
South Group Glamorgan vs Essex Jul 07, Sun Cardiff
North Group Northamptonshire vs Durham Jul 07, Sun Northampton
South Group Surrey vs Kent Jul 07, Sun London
South Group Sussex vs Hampshire Jul 10, Wed Hove
South Group Gloucestershire vs Middlesex Jul 11, Thu Cheltenham
North Group Worcestershire vs Leicestershire Jul 11, Thu Worcester
North Group Yorkshire vs Durham Jul 11, Thu Leeds
South Group Essex vs Kent Jul 11, Thu Chelmsford
North Group Derbyshire vs Lancashire Jul 11, Thu Derby
North Group Durham vs Nottinghamshire Jul 12, Fri Chester-le-Street
North Group Leicestershire vs Northamptonshire Jul 12, Fri Leicester
South Group Glamorgan vs Middlesex Jul 12, Fri Cardiff
South Group Kent vs Sussex Jul 12, Fri Canterbury
North Group Warwickshire vs Worcestershire Jul 12, Fri Birmingham
South Group Hampshire vs Gloucestershire Jul 12, Fri Southampton
South Group Somerset vs Surrey Jul 12, Fri Taunton
North Group Lancashire vs Yorkshire Jul 12, Fri Manchester
South Group Sussex vs Essex Jul 13, Sat Hove
North Group Durham vs Northamptonshire Jul 14, Sun Chester-le-Street
North Group Leicestershire vs Nottinghamshire Jul 14, Sun Leicester
North Group Worcestershire vs Yorkshire Jul 14, Sun Worcester
North Group Warwickshire vs Derbyshire Jul 14, Sun Birmingham
South Group Gloucestershire vs Glamorgan Jul 14, Sun Cheltenham
South Group Hampshire vs Somerset Jul 14, Sun Southampton
South Group Essex vs Surrey Jul 14, Sun Chelmsford
South Group Kent vs Glamorgan Jul 16, Tue Canterbury
North Group Lancashire vs Nottinghamshire Jul 17, Wed Manchester
North Group Worcestershire vs Derbyshire Jul 18, Thu Worcester
South Group Surrey vs Hampshire Jul 18, Thu London
North Group Northamptonshire vs Warwickshire Jul 18, Thu Northampton
South Group Middlesex vs Gloucestershire Jul 18, Thu Chelmsford
South Group Somerset vs Sussex Jul 18, Thu Taunton
North Group Warwickshire vs Leicestershire Jul 19, Fri Birmingham
North Group Derbyshire vs Durham Jul 19, Fri Derby
North Group Yorkshire vs Nottinghamshire Jul 19, Fri Leeds
South Group Kent vs Surrey Jul 19, Fri Canterbury
South Group Hampshire vs Essex Jul 19, Fri Southampton
South Group Sussex vs Middlesex Jul 19, Fri Hove
North Group Lancashire vs Northamptonshire Jul 19, Fri Manchester
South Group Glamorgan vs Somerset Jul 19, Fri Cardiff
1st QF TBC vs TBC Sep 03, Tue
2nd QF TBC vs TBC Sep 04, Wed
3rd QF TBC vs TBC Sep 05, Thu
4th QF TBC vs TBC Sep 06, Fri
1st Semi-Final TBC vs TBC Sep 14, Sat Birmingham
2nd Semi-Final TBC vs TBC Sep 14, Sat Birmingham
Final TBC vs TBC Sep 14, Sat Birmingham


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