Fengshui Vastu Store

You can only find original and brand new items at our Fengshui Vastu Store. All the Fengshui products are imported. We shipped all items carefully to avoid damage during transit. If you want to consult for your business or home vastu then you can contact us with our paid services. If you buy any product then you will get the details about the placement of that particular product along with the product. You can order any of the Product from our Fengshui Vastu Store. For order you can contact us. We will add more product soon. We have other astrology product including Lalkitab Remedy items for detail list you can check this.

Fengshui Vastu Store

Golden Laughing Buddha on Tortoise

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha Sitting on Dragon Tortoise will help you to succeed in your business. You can keep this at home, office or business place to attract more business and wealth.

Good Luck Wealth Pot with Ruby Color Stones Big

Big Wealth Pot

As the name suggests, this is a most powerful symbol To attract wealth through your business or the speculation, trading. You can place the set of wealth pot to attract luck through betting, speculation or in business. Also you can find different wealth pot with small, Medium and Large size in our store.

Auspicious Luk Fuk Sau with Kids and wealth pot.

The statue of FUK, LUK, SAU is very rare and auspiciousIt brings Good luck in all matters, including health, wealth, education and power. If you are in the field of research or you feel your child don’t concentrate on studies then you can invite education luck by placing the statue of this auspicious deity at your home.

Auspicious Golden Fish with Ruby Color Stones Big

Arrowana Fish Big

Auspicious Arrowana Golden Fish also known as Golden Dragon. It brings overall happiness to the One who keep it at business place, office or home. If you have a small house/office/business place and not enough space then it will block the good chi energy to enter to overcome this you can place this beautiful and attractive golden fish to attract more good luck in your way. 

Auspicious Golden Victory Horse

Victory Horse

The Golden horse standing on the money bag. This horse strongly symbolizes the victory and accomplishment as well as the fulfillment of all wishes.  The placement of the horse pair in the office, business place or home can bring Fortune & success to the owner. People in the power position must Keep the pair of these horses to receive the most benefit of their position. (Price for Single Horse)

Golden Fu Dogs or Foo Dogs for Ultimate Protection

Fu Dogs

Golden Fu dogs will protect from all kinds of fear,including theft, Accidents, bad strategies/intentions. Pair of the Fu Dogs will also help you to maintain good chi flow surrounding your business, office place. (Price for Pair)

Good Luck Wealth Pot Open

Money Pot Open

This Wealth Pot can be use to attract wealth with the real money. Any Business owner or the person who feel short of wealth in their home they can place any of this wealth pot in your wealth/Money Luck area.

Good Luck Wealth Pot Small

Good Luck Wealth pot

This is also a small size wealth pot best choice for people who want to try their luck with single or the set of money pot.

Good Luck Wealth Pot Small

This Wealth Pot is in slight small size and can be use to your cash counter or the safe or your business place. 


Power pack for Vastu, Business, Home, Office, Money, Health, Success

You can get a particular power pack at our store as per your requirement. Just drop an email along with contact details and concern we will Suggest and provide you the best solution for your Vastu Correction. If you need to consult for your business, Home or Office Vastu you can contact us on 91-7276890268 or mail us –